How would you handle scouts?

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How would you handle scouts?

Postby Echo5Hotel » Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:09 am

I was thinking along the lines of forward scout units and more specifically, scout units acting as FO's for artillery. My only problem is how to allow for that and keep with the HQ unit rules of IC. I thought maybe stating that scout units act as if they are their own HQ element and act independently. They would still be given orders by their commanding element each turn but would not suffer unit cohesion penalties and would not need to have an HQ unit with them to receive their orders.

Any single vehicle or infantry unit could be designated as a scout unit.

The number of scouts a side has is determined just as the number of jammers. 1d4 scout units before the game starts.

Scout units have the ability to call in artillery, or guide infantry mortars as per Javelin98's excellent mortar infantry rules. I have some thoughts of my own on how to handle forward observers that I will post at a later time as I am currently cleaning them up.
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Postby Failure16 » Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:10 pm

In my homebrew rules I have scouts double their cohesion-distance and function in unit-sizes ranging from 1-4 individual elements.

For IC2103, I'd say the rules you have already stipulated should work just fine. Alternately, you could identify one of the individual elements (if 2 or more)as their "headquarters vehicle" without having to resort to a purpose-built HQV model--basically as you have written, but in-keeping with the rules as portrayed.

If you really wanted to get technical, you could limit Scout Units as to their ability to attack enemy elements/units, give them double-moves if they make no attacks, or even allow them to conduct ranged-ambushes during the game if they make no moves during a given turn in order to differentiate them as to doctrine and role. The possibilities are endless.

In any case, scouts really come into their own in rulesets that encourage some kind of "fog of war" mechanic in which they are afforded extra sensor/observation ranges.
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