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Postby david frampton » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:50 pm

Hello Chaps;

I know there has been some discussion on Facebook, but I thought I would repost the fleets and information here. As there are probably too many ships for the battle and we need to tweek the ORBAT to enable Digs, I will amend the list as information comes in from who will be providing what ships. The German forces are pretty well finished with the fleets owned by Jon Rogers and myself. The British however are a little light. Please post your British fleet holdings on this thread so that I can allocate your ships to the ORBAT.


The Battlefleet

Battleships (in order from Van to Rear)

First Battle Squadron

1st Flotilla
Ostfriesland (flagship), Thüringen, Helgoland, Oldenburg David Frampton

2nd Flotilla
Posen (flagship), Rheinland, Nassau,Westfalen (4 x Moltke - David Frampton)

2nd Battle Squadron

3rd Flotilla
Deutschland (flagship), Hessen, Pommern

4th Flotilla
Hannover (flagship), Schlesien, Schleswig-Holstein (3 x Schles-Hol Nef Dn - David Frampton)

3rd Battle Squadron

5th Flotilla
König (flagship), Grosser Kurfürst, Kronprinz, Markgraf 4 x Markgraf Dn - David Frampton

6th Flotilla
Kaiser (flagship), Kaiserin, Prinzregent Luitpold, Friedrich der Grosse (fleet flagship) - Tony F

Light Cruisers

Ist Scouting Group Lützow (flagship), Derfflinger, Seydlitz, Moltke, Von der Tann (Jon Rogers)

2nd Scouting Group Frankfurt (flagship), Wiesbaden, Pillau, Elbing David Frampton

4th Scouting Group Stettin, München, Hamburg, Frauenlob, Stuttgart (1 x Schles-Hol Dn & 4 x Revel Hindenburg Cruiser using Exeter stats - David Frampton

+ a carrier attached to each main group. Large carrier, 4 x flights of fighters, 2 of bombers. Small carriers 2 x flights of fighters

Torpedo-boat Flotillas

1st Division
1st Flotilla
Light Cruiser Rostock

G39 (leader), G40, G38, S32
S53 (leader), V71, V73, G88, S54, V48,G42
G11 (leader), V2, V4,V6,V1,V3, G8, G7,V5, G9,G10
S24 (leader), S15, S17,S20,S16,S18, S19, S23,V189, V186

2nd Division
2nd Flotilla
Light Cruiser Regensburg

B98 (leader), G101, G102,B112, B97, B109 B110, B111, G103, G104
G41 (leader), V44, G87,G86, V69, V45, V46,S50,G37
V28 (leader), V27, V26,S36, S51,S52, V30, S34, S33, V29,S35



The Grand Fleet had a total of 28 Dreadnought battleships at Jutland, organized in four Battle Squadrons. Of these, the 24 vessels of 2nd, 4th and 1st Battle Squadrons formed the main body of Fleet, and are listed below order from van to rear

2nd Battle Squadron (Battleships)
1st Division
HMS King George V (flagship)
HMS Ajax
HMS Centurion
HMS Erin

2nd Division
HMS Orion (flagship)
HMS Monarch
HMS Conqueror
HMS Thunderer

Fleet Flagship (at head of 3rd Division/4th Battle Squadron)
HMS Iron Duke

4th Battle Squadron (Battleships)
3rd Division
HMS Royal Oak
HMS Superb (flagship)
HMS Canada

4th Division
HMS Benbow (flagship)
HMS Bellerophon:
HMS Temeraire
HMS Vanguard

1st Battle Squadron (Battleships)
Fifth Division
HMS Colossus (flagship)
HMS Collingwood
HMS St. Vincent
HMS Neptune

Sixth Division
HMS Marlborough (flagship)
HMS Revenge
HMS Hercules
HMS Agincourt


Two squadrons of Armoured Cruisers and one squadron of Light Cruisers were attached to the main body of the Grand Fleet to act as a scouting force.
1st Cruiser Squadron[g] (Armoured Cruisers)
HMS Defence (flagship)
HMS Warrior
HMS Duke of Edinburgh
HMS Black Prince

2nd Cruiser Squadron (Armoured Cruisers)
HMS Minotaur (flagship)
HMS Hampshire
HMS Shannon
HMS Cochrane

4th Light Cruiser Squadron
HMS Calliope
HMS Constance
HMS Comus
HMS Caroline
HMS Royalist

Light cruisers attached for repeating visual signals
HMS Boadicea (attached to 2nd B.S.)
HMS Active (attached to Fleet Flagship)
HMS Blanche (attached to 4th B.S.)
HMS Bellona (attached to 1st. B.S.)

Other ships under direct command of the Commander-in-Chief
HMS Abdiel(destroyer-minelayer)
HMS Oak(destroyer)


The main body of the Grand Fleet was escorted by 46 destroyers and Flotilla leader organized into three flotillas

4th Destroyer Flotilla
HMS Tipperary (Flotilla Leader)

first half-flotilla/4th D.F.
HMS Spitfire
HMS Sparrowhawk
HMS Garland
HMS Contest

Group 8 /4th D.F.
HMS Hardy
HMS Mischief
HMS Midge

second half-flotilla/4th D.F.
HMS Broke (flotilla leader)

3rd Division/4th D.F.
HMS Porpoise
HMS Unity

4th Division/4th D.F.
HMS Achates
HMS Ambuscade
HMS Ardent
HMS Fortune

11th Destroyer Flotilla
HMS Castor (light cruiser)

first half-flotilla/11th D.F. 1st Division/11th D.F.
HMS Ossory
HMS Martial
HMS Magic
HMS Minion

2nd Division/11th D.F.
HMS Mystic
HMS Mons
HMS Mandate
HMS Michael

second half-flotilla/11th D.F.
HMS Kempenfelt (flotilla leader)

3rd Division/11th D.F.
HMS Marne
HMS Milbrook
HMS Manners

4th Division/11th D.F.
HMS Moon
HMS Mounsey
HMS Morning Star

12th Destroyer Flotilla
HMS Faulknor (flotilla leader)

first half-flotilla/12th D.F.
1st Division/12th D.F.
HMS Obedient
HMS Mindful
HMS Marvel
HMS Onslaught

2nd Division/12th D.F.
HMS Maenad
HMS Narwhal
HMS Nessus
HMS Noble

second half-flotilla/12th D.F.
HMS Marksman (flotilla leader)
HMS Opal
HMS Nonsuch
HMS Menace
HMS Munster
HMS Mary Rose

3rd Battle Cruiser Squadron

This squadron, temporarily attached to the Grand Fleet from the Battle Cruiser Fleet, was stationed ahead of the main body, with the intention that it join when the action began.
HMS Invincible
HMS Inflexible
HMS Indomitable

accompanying cruisers
HMS Canterbury
HMS Chester

attached destroyers
HMS Shark
HMS Ophelia
HMS Christopher
HMS Acasta

Battle Cruiser Fleet

This force of high-speed ships was subordinate to the Commander in Chief of the Grand Fleet, but operated independently as an advanced wing, intended to reconnoiter aggressively the enemy fleet and to engage enemy scouting forces. At its core were six battlecruisers, accompanied by 13 light cruisers, and escorted by 18 destroyers and an aircraft carrier.


Battlecruiser Fleet Flagship
HMS Lion

1st Battlecruiser Squadron
HMS Princess Royal (flagship)
HMS Queen Mary
HMS Tiger

2nd Battlecruiser Squadron
HMS New Zealand (flagship)
HMS Indefatigable

Battlecruiser Fleet Light Cruisers

1st Light Cruiser Squadron
HMS Galatea
HMS Phaeton
HMS Inconstant
HMS Cordelia

2nd Light Cruiser Squadron
HMS Southampton
HMS Birmingham
HMS Nottingham
HMS Dublin

3rd Light Cruiser Squadron
HMS Falmouth (flagship)
HMS Yarmouth
HMS Birkenhead
HMS Gloucester

Attached vessel
seaplane tender HMS Engadine CARRIER!!!!!!!!!!!!
aircraft: 4 Short Type 184 seaplanes
Battle Cruiser Fleet Destroyers

13th Destroyer Flotilla
HMS Champion (light cruiser)

1st division/13th D.F.
HMS Obdurate
HMS Nerissa
HMS Termagant
HMS Moresby (detached to escort HMS Engadine)

2nd division /13th D.F.
HMS Nestor
HMS Nomad
HMS Nicator
HMS Onslow (detached to escort HMS Engadine)

3rd division/13th D.F.
HMS Narborough
HMS Pelican
HMS Petard
HMS Turbulent

Attached Harwich Destroyers (9th Destroyer Flotilla)

1st division/9th D.F.
HMS Lydiard
HMS Liberty
HMS Landrail

2nd division/9th D.F.
HMS Moorsom
HMS Laurel
HMS Morris

5th Battle Squadron

This was a special unit of fast battleships, intended to act as the vanguard of the main battle line. Brigadier Phil
HMS Barham (flagship)
HMS Valiant
HMS Warspite
HMS Malaya

1st Destroyer Flotilla
HMS Fearless (light cruiser
HMS Defender

1st Division/1st D.F.
HMS Acheron
HMS Ariel
HMS Attack
HMS Hydra

2nd Division/1st D.F.
HMS Badger
HMS Lizard
HMS Goshawk
HMS Lapwing
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Postby Brigadier Tony » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:00 am

I'll put myself forward for a German battleship division - let's say the first flotilla, first battle squadron - plus escorts.

Phil has volunteered to do a British battleship division, even though he probably won't be there, so put him down for the 5th battle squadron of Queen Victoria class battleships.

Incidentally, I'd probably say no to any fixed wing aircraft as there were none on the real orbats (apart maybe from the British seaplane carrier, and that only had four planes).
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Postby Nomansland » Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:17 pm

I've just ordered these David:

3 x Agincourt class Battleship
1 x Britannia Class Battlecruiser
1 x Audacious class Battlecruiser
2 x Exeter Class Cruiser
3 x Arethusa class Destroyer
6 x Cossack Class Patrol Nef
6 x Steadfast Class Patrol Nef

But I'll let you sort out how these fit into the mix.

Sadly, my Brazilians and Argentinians don't appear on the Orbat - too Latino.

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Postby Nomansland » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:38 pm

I'm thinking that this orbat with addendum edits in red is the approved fleet list as specified by a Robin - is that right?

On the face of things David is providing most/all of the German Fleet on his own. I have only a handful of Brits. Who has the rest? It looks like we need a very significant number of capital ships?
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Postby Brigadier Tony » Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:31 am

Firstly, I'll stick my hand up to do the German 6th Flotilla - I've edited the list.

Secondly, Phil has volunteered to do a British battleship division, even though he can't make the game. I've put him down to do the 2nd Division of Orion class ships. Again, list has been amended accordingly.

Paul, you have enough ships to do another division of four ships, I'll let you choose which one :-). I know Robin has enough British ships to be organised into another division.

So we still need a further 16 British battleships and the nine battlecruisers. The Germans need just three more BBs. I'll do some if necessary, but I'd rather we shared the workload around.
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Postby Nomansland » Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:30 pm

Well I shall salute smartly and do as I am told with my little fleet I have listed above, in whatever division you tell me. I have another two capital ships I am converting to add to this list, but they may look a little out of keeping. I'm not worried either way.

Who is doing Arbuthnots armoured cruisers? I always like the nonsense role they played in the real thing.
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