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Page last updated : 17th August 2017

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WARNING - these models are not toys and are not intended for under 14s. Please read the safety notes.

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SFS-100 Churchill class Battleship £7.50
SFS-100a Wellesley class Missile Battleship £7.50
SFS-101 Inflexible class Battlecruiser £6.00
SFS-102 Fisher class Super-dreadnought £10.00
SFS-103 Colossus class Battleship £7.50
SFS-110 Bulwark class Carrier £7.50
SFS-120 Durham class Heavy Cruiser £3.50
SFS-120a Kent class Missile Cruiser £3.50
SFS-121 Halifax class Light Cruiser £2.50
SFS-122 Swiftsure class Strike Cruiser £2.50
SFS-130 Achilles class Fleet Destroyer £1.25
SFS-131 Daring class Torpedo Destroyer £1.25
SFS-132 Wessex class Escort Destroyer £1.25
SFS-140 Lance class Frigate £0.75
SFS-150 Sterling class Corvette £0.25
SFS-160 Kestrel Interceptor (pack of 12) £1.50
SFS-161 Mosquito Attack Fighter (pack of 12) £1.50
SFS-170 Manxman class Mine-warfare Vessel £1.50
SFS-171 Fearless class Assault Ship £7.50
SFS-172 Heracles class Assault Shuttle (pack of 3) £1.25
SFS-173 Athena class Dropship (pack of 6) £1.00

Squadron Packs

SFSP-101 Royal Navy Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-102 Royal Navy Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-103 Royal Navy Pursuit Pack £22.00
SFSP-104 Royal Navy Heavy Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-105 Royal Navy Strike Fleet Pack £22.00


SFS-7050 British Heavy Gun Turrets (pack of 12) £1.50
SFS-7051 British Missile Turrets (pack of 12) £1.50

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