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Page last updated : 29th January 2015

WARNING - these models may contain lead. Please read the safety notes.

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SFS-500 Longzi class Dreadnought £7.00
SFS-501 Jiangzi class Dreadnought £5.00
SFS-502 Jiangzi class Flag Dreadnought £5.50
SFS-503 ChengZu class Battlecruiser £4.00
SFS-510 Shanzi class Fleet Carrier £9.00
SFS-511 Fengzi class Fighter Carrier £5.00
SFS-512 Haixiung Light Carrier £2.00
SFS-520 Guangdong class Patrol Cruiser £2.25
SFS-521 Wuxi class Escort Cruiser £2.00
SFS-522 Haitun class Light Cruiser £1.75
SFS-530 Kaifeng class Heavy Destroyer £1.25
SFS-531 Xingzi class Destroyer £1.00
SFS-532 Shaoxing class Super Destroyer £1.00
SFS-540 Shenyang class Frigate £0.75
SFS-550 Da Nang class Corvette £0.50
SFS-551 Wonsan class Scoutship £0.50
SFS-560 Wusheng class Fighter (pack of 12) £1.50
SFS-561 Zhengsheng class Attack Fighter (pack of 12) £1.50
SFS-563 Yongsheng class Escort Fighter (pack of 12) £1.50
SFS-570 Taipei Assault Ship £6.50
SFS-571 Meifeng Assault Shuttle £0.50

Squadron Packs

SFSP-501 CDSU Battle Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-502 CDSU Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-503 CDSU Scout Group £22.00

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