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Spaceships - Cimexian
Page last updated : 24th January 2013

WARNING - these models may contain lead. Please read the safety notes.

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Cimexian Bugs

The bugs go off-planet ... nowhere is safe now ! Nine bio-organic nightmares, ideal as opponents for our human forces. They also make great alternatives for Full Thrust Sa'Vas'Sku or Phalons, or BFG Tyranids. Mastered by Jeremey Claridge.

SFS-1000 Cadran class Dreadnought - 'World Cleaver' £5.25
SFS-1001 Heteronyx class Battleship - 'Prey Hunter' £3.50
SFS-1010 Votiga class Heavy Carrier - 'Host Mother' £5.25
SFS-1011 Cepora class Light Carrier - 'Host Keeper' £3.50
SFS-1020 Necrobia class Cruiser - 'Death Bringer' £1.75
SFS-1030 Sirex class Destroyer - 'Slayer' £1.00
SFS-1040 Demodex class Frigate - 'Stalker' £0.75
SFS-1050 Lagria class Corvette - 'Stinger' (pack of 4) £1.00
SFS-1060 Xylion class Fighter - 'Parasite' (pack of 6) £1.00

Squadron Packs

SFSP-1001 Cimexian Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-1002 Cimexian Carrier Pack £22.00

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