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Page last updated : 24th January 2020

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WARNING - these models are not toys and are not intended for under 14s. Please read the safety notes.

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SFS-5000 Modular Container Ship £2.75
SFS-5001 Modular Merchant Fighter Carrier £2.75
SFS-5002 Modular Armed Merchant Cruiser £2.75
SFS-5003 Light Container Ship £0.75
SFS-5004 Light Armed Merchantman £0.75
SFS-5005 Medium Container Ship £2.00
SFS-5006 Heavy Freighter £2.50
SFS-5007 Heavy Merchant Cruiser £2.50
SFS-5008 Heavy Merchant Fighter Carrier £2.50
SFS-5009 Light Freighter £0.75
SFS-5010 Celestial Nomad Freighter £2.50
SFS-5011 Arcturus Container Ship £2.50
SFS-5012 Aquarius Liquid Carrier £2.50
SFS-5013 Astral Pioneer Freighter £3.50
SFS-5014 Obsidian Eagle Freighter £3.50
SFS-5015 Ixion Free Trader £1.00
SFS-5016 Starlight Envoy Courier Ship £1.00
SFS-5017 Random Quasar Tramp Freighter £1.00
SFS-5018 Celestial Rose Light Freighter £1.00
SFS-5019 Solar Mariner Far Trader £1.00

Squadron Packs

SFSP-5001 Merchant Convoy £22.50
SFSP-5002 Merchant Convoy #2 £22.50

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