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Page last updated : 14th November 2012

For a long time the South African Confederation has had to make do with the solitary Assegai battlecruiser, and then the mould for that expired and they have been left with no space-faring presence at all. Well, all that has changed, with the advent of an entirely new range of starships from capitals down to fighters. And the Assegai will be back too, in a modified form to fit the style of the rest of the range.

You can find stats for the SAC ships in our Starmada gaming pages as normal.

WARNING - these models may contain lead. Please read the safety notes.

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SFS-600 Assegai class Battlecruiser £5.50
SFS-601 Isandlwana class Battleship £5.25
SFS-610 Mafadi class Strike Carrier £5.75
SFS-611 Drakenberg class Light Carrier £4.50
SFS-620 Tshwane class Heavy Cruiser £2.50
SFS-621 Umgeni class Light Cruiser £1.75
SFS-622 Oshana class Escort Cruiser £2.25
SFS-630 Bantu class Destroyer £1.00
SFS-631 Kashana class Fleet Destroyer £1.00
SFS-640 Oryx class Frigate £0.75
SFS-650 Devilray class Lancer £0.50
SFS-660 Petrel class Fighter (pack of 12) £1.50

Squadron Packs

SFSP-601 SAC Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-602 SAC Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-603 SAC Frontier Patrol Group £22.00

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