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Page last updated : 25th April 2018

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WARNING - these models are not toys and are not intended for under 14s. Please read the safety notes.

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SFSP-101 Royal Navy Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-102 Royal Navy Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-103 Royal Navy Pursuit Pack £22.00
SFSP-104 Royal Navy Heavy Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-105 Royal Navy Strike Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-201 American Republic Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-202 American Republic Carrier Group £22.00
SFSP-203 American Republic Strike Group £22.00
SFSP-204 American Republic Fleet Pack #2 £22.00
SFSP-301 German (ONESS) Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-303 German (ONESS) Patrol Group £22.00
SFSP-304 German (ONESS) Heavy Squadron £22.00
SFSP-401 EuroFed Fleet Pack #1 £22.00
SFSP-402 EuroFed Fleet Pack #2 £22.00
SFSP-403 EuroFed Patrol Group £22.00
SFSP-501 CDSU Battle Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-502 CDSU Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-503 CDSU Scout Group £22.00
SFSP-601 SAC Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-602 SAC Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-603 SAC Frontier Patrol Group £22.00
SFSP-701 PacFed Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-702 PacFed Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-799 PacFed Super Fleet Pack £44.00
SFSP-801 Welsh Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-1201 Neo-Soviet Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-1202 Neo-Soviet Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-1401 Indonesian Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-1402 Indonesian Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-1001 Cimexian Fleet Pack £22.00
SFSP-1002 Cimexian Carrier Pack £22.00
SFSP-1101 Yenpalo Attack Fleet £22.00
SFSP-5001 Merchant Convoy £22.00
SFSP-5002 Merchant Convoy #2 £22.00

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