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Page last updated : 27th July 2018

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Squadron Commander:Reheat is a fast paced game of tactical combat between starfighters. You will take command of a highly trained group of fighter pilots and lead them to victory... or, they will all die horrible deaths in deep space, and the failure will be on your conscience.

The rules are available as a free PDF, and we also have a number of other support materials such as quick-reference cards, counter sheets and data charts for all of the currently available models on our Squadron Commander Gaming Page.

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Starter Packs (4)
Blister Packs (20)
British (4)
AmRep (4)
German (4)
EuroFed (8)

CDSU (7)
South African Confederation (4)
Pacific Federation (4)
Neo-Soviet (4)
Indonesian (4)
Decals (3)


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