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Open Day 2012

June 23rd11:00 - 16:00

Maidstone Wargames Society's Open Day is our flagship day when we put on many games and open our doors for all to come and visit and get a much wider idea of what we do and the games we play. We try to put on a good variety of games across all the popular periods and scales, all of which are open to visitors to join in. In addition we have a painting and modelling demonstration to give people who are new to the hobby some idea of what it takes to get models and miniatures on the table. You will also find several small displays, the purpose of which is to show the other kinds of games that we often play - although these are 'displays' if you interested in the periods/games then please speak to a club member who will be more than happy to talk about the game and also take you through a few game turns to give you a flavour of what it is like.
Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day is just that - an Open Day rather than a show with traders. There will be no traders present, just a free day out with lots of good games, good company and, hopefully, lots of good dice rolls!


Baron's War 1264AD (Stephen Tucker)

Rebel barons led by Simon de Montfort oppose king Henry III. In 1264 the rebels made their way through the south-east on their way to besiege Rochester castle, held in the King's name. Simon de Montfort owned lands in Kent, just south of Maidstone, at Sutton Valence (then called 'Sudtone'). The rebels made their way along the Medway valley, passing through Tonbridge and Leybourne on their way to Rochester.

The game will be a skirmish between rebel forces, as they forage for supplies, and royalist troops.

Baron's War  Baron's War  Baron's War
Baron's War  Baron's War  Baron's War 

Battle of Neumarkt, 24th April 1809 (Bret Smith)

After Napoleon defeated the Austrian General Hiller at the battle of Landshut (21 April 1809) , the Emperor takes the majority of his force to fight the larger part of the Austrian army, under the Archduke Charles, winning another victory at Eggmuhl.

A small force, under Marshal Bessières, was left to pursue Hiller out of Bavaria.

Hiller retreated back across the River Inn, returning to Austrian soil. Bessières occupied Neumarkt late on 22 May. On the following day Bessières remained largely inactive, sending his advance guard towards the Inn, but otherwise remaining around Neumarkt. The advance guard reported seeing much larger Austrian forces across the Inn, but Bessières assumed that they would soon continue to retreat.

Bessières was badly outnumbered by the retreating Austrians. His force considered of Wrede's 2nd Bavarian Division and Molitor's 3rd Division of the 4th Corps, along with the Light Cavalry Division from the 4th Corps and a Light Cavalry Brigade - a total of around 13,700 infantry and 4,700 cavalry. Hiller had his own VI Corps, V Corps and a brigade from IV Corps - a total of 26,942 infantry and 4,858 cavalry. The French were also outnumbered in artillery, with 36 guns to face Hiller's 141.

Hiller was aware of his numerical superiority, and was also encouraged by the French inactivity on 23 April. He had also received an out-of-date message from Kaiser Franz informing him of a planned Austrian counter-attack on 22 April - pre-empted by Napoleon's arrival at Eggmuhl. With this in mind Hiller decided to launch his own counter attack. Three separate advance guards were sent across the Inn late on 23 April, and won a series of engagements with the French outposts. This gave Hiller room to deploy the rest of this army, also in three columns, ready for the main attack on 24 April.

When Bessières was informed that the Austrians were moving to attack, he decided to make a stand on the hills south of Neumarkt. This gave him a decent defensive position, but meant that his men were fighting with the River Rott at their backs. Worse, at the start of the battle only the Bavarians were available, and Molitor's division didn't arrive until around 9am, so at the start of the fighting the Austrians had a big numerical advantage.

Lead one of the Austrian columns to victory by breaking through to the river line and cur off the retreat of the isolated the Franco Bavarian troops!

Battle of Neumarkt  Battle of Neumarkt  Battle of Neumarkt  Battle of Neumarkt

Operation Deadstick (Tony Francis)

Operation Deadstick was the code name given to the coup-de-main assault on the Orne River and Caen Canal bridges on D-Day - more commonly known as the assault on Pegasus Bridge.

A reinforced company under Major Jon Howard landed in Horsa gliders, surprised the German defenders and held the bridges for over 12 hours against increasingly frantic counter-attacks until relieved by Lord Lovat's commandos.

Operation Deadstick is the club's 2012 show demonstration game and won Best Demonstration Game at Salute in April.

Figures and vehicles are from Heroics and Ros. Most of the buildings, along with the bridges and the German patrol boat, were computer-modelled in 3D and 'printed' in plastic.

Pegasus Bridge  Pegasus Bridge  Pegasus Bridge  Pegasus Bridge 

Force on Force (Mike Proudlock)

Force on Force is set of rules that represent individual soldiers in small actions from a couple of sections a side up to about a company, focused on the modern period, and including insurgents against regular troops.

It is a possible near future where, with the worsening of the economic crisis, the collapse of the Euro, and rising fuel prices, a number of European countries have defaulted on payments to the Russians for their gas. After a period of worsening relationships and threatening posturing, a number of incidents have lead to the unthinkable, and the Russian Army has marched into eastern Europe. Today's game follows a platoon from a British spearhead battalion somewhere in Poland as it fights to buy time for the main reinforcements to arrive and deploy.

Figures are from the Sktrex Action200 10mm range.

Force on Force  Force on Force  Force on Force  Force on Force  Force on Force

Ancient 6mm (Pete Smith)

In this game, using 6mm figures and the Field of Glory rules, the Hungarians of the mid-fifteenth century try to defend their homelands from the Ottoman Turkish onslaught.

Will the Battle wagons hold out against the Sultan's marauding Akinjis and the determined Janissaries?

Force on Force  Force on Force 

The Linton Incident (Jeremey Claridge)

An alien craft has crash landed in Linton, North Dakota. A special detachment of Marines has been dispatched to neutralise any alien threat and protect the public.

Linton Incident  Linton Incident  Linton Incident  Linton Incident  Linton Incident

There will also be a FREE prize draw sponsored by Brigade Models, plus a collection for Combat Stress

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