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Open Day 2014

June 28th11:00 - 16:00

Maidstone Wargames Society's Open Day is our flagship day when we put on many games and open our doors for all to come and visit and get a much wider idea of what we do and the games we play. We try to put on a good variety of games across all the popular periods and scales, all of which are open to visitors to join in. In addition we have a painting and modelling demonstration to give people who are new to the hobby some idea of what it takes to get models and miniatures on the table. You will also find several small displays, the purpose of which is to show the other kinds of games that we often play - although these are 'displays' if you interested in the periods/games then please speak to a club member who will be more than happy to talk about the game and also take you through a few game turns to give you a flavour of what it is like.
Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day is just that - an Open Day rather than a show with traders. There will be no traders present, just a free day out with lots of good games, good company and, hopefully, lots of good dice rolls!


Hammer's Slammer 15mm SF (Tony Francis)

Armies are expensive things and most governments in the future don't bother with them. Instead, they employ the services of mercenary units, usually for extortionate fees, but saving the day-to-day expense of maintaining a standing army. One of the most famous units is Hammer's Slammers, an elite armoured unit commanded by Col. Alois Hammer. Hiring the Slammers doesn't come cheap, but then they are worth it - but they don't always get their own way on the battlefield ...

28mm Dr Who - Daleks vs Cybermen (Jeremey Claridge)

The Cyberman and Dalek fleets are locked in battle. Both have been fought to a standstill and are desperately locking to break the stalemate.

With both sides battle computers working to capacity the Daleks grab the initiative and invade the Cyber Mothership.

Featuring 50 Daleks and Cybermen see if you can either fight your way to the Cyberman control room or fight off wave after wave of invading Daleks.

15mm Fields of Glory - 'Alexanders Last Battle' - Hydaspes River (Bret Smith)

After Alexander defeated the last of the Achaemennids Empire forces in 328 BC, he began a new campaign to further extend his empire towards India in the following year. Alexander's army of 6,000 men attempted to conquer all the World.

Alexander marched his troops through Parthia in eastern Mesopotamia and, in relatively minor skirmishes, subdued those cities that resisted him. Alexander entered India in 327 BC, encountering some of the toughest fighting of his career in the crossing. None of the Greeks had ever encountered anything to prepare them for India. The terrain, the monsoons, the fierce tribes, all combined with the long years of campaigning had taken some of the heart out of the Macedonians. In the spring of 326 BC, Alexander crossed the river Cofen and entered Taxila. King Taxiles equipped him with troops in return for aid against his rival, Porus, who ruled the lands between the Hydaspes and the Acesines rivers in India.

In June 326 BC Alexander fought his last great battle on the left bank of the Hydaspes against Porus, one of the most powerful Indian kings. Porus was powerful both as a man and as a king. He stood seven feet tall, a widely feared ruler and warrior. He fielded an army that was a match for the Greeks, but Porus army had an additional advantage: war elephants. Can Alexander defeat one more enemy at the edge of the world?

6mm American Civil War (Mark Harris)

It is Spring 1862 and Major General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson has taken the field in the Shenandoah Valley with a Confederate Army. The Federal supply base at Harper’s Ferry is threatened.

The armies of north and south will soon be put to the test of battle.

The American Civil War fundamentally arose from a clash of two cultures that could not be reconciled. The south fought for the cause of the southern states right to self-determination. The north fought to preserve the union. The underlying issue that drove the conflict was slavery, although abolition is not yet a war aim for the north.

You can sign up to defend your states rights or to preserve the union. This is small game using simple homegrown rules and 1/300 scale figures that anyone can join in with and lead a Brigade of Union or Confederate infantry into action.

Napoleonic Naval (Mike Proudlock)

June 1804

During the Napoleonic wars the British Fleet spent much of its time blockading ports to prevent the enemy's fleet escaping. While the bulk of the ships of the line were so engaged some distance offshore, Inshore Squadrons, typically consisting of smaller ships (frigates, sloops other smaller vessels) and supported by a few 3rd rates (74 guns) provided a combination of close observation of the hostile port and raiding and interdiction of enemy costal shipping.

Today's game is based on the interception of a heavily escorted convoy attempting to break the blockade and run vital supplies from Cartagena, Spain to the French naval port of Toulon, currently blockaded by Admiral Nelson and the British Mediterranean Fleet. The British aim is to sin, or better, capture the supply ships. The French and Spanish aim is to get those ships safely to Toulon.

Somewhere in Belgium (Phil Richards)

On the morning of 4th August 1914 German forces invaded Belgium after the Belgian government refused the passage of German troops through Belgium to France.

By the 20th August Brussels had been captured, Antwerp fell on the 10th October.

Our game is set during the early part of August 1914 as a Belgian detachment tries to hold a defensive line in a small town against the advance of German forces.

TBD (Milton Hundred Wargames Society)


There will also be a FREE prize draw sponsored by Brigade Models, plus a collection for Combat Stress

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