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Open Day 2017

June 24th 11:00 - 16:00

Maidstone Wargames Society's Open Day is our flagship day when we put on many games and open our doors for all to come and visit and get a much wider idea of what we do and the games we play. We try to put on a good variety of games across all the popular periods and scales, all of which are open to visitors to join in. You will also find several small displays, the purpose of which is to show the other kinds of games that we often play - although these are 'displays' if you interested in the periods/games then please speak to a club member who will be more than happy to talk about the game and also take you through a few game turns to give you a flavour of what it is like.

We will be running a special offer on membership for anyone who joins up on the day, and there is also a prize draw sponsored by Brigade Models if you are kind enough to fill in a short questionnaire.

Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day is just that - an Open Day rather than a show with traders. There will be no traders present, just a free day out with lots of good games, good company and, hopefully, lots of good dice rolls!


9th Century Hilltop Fort Assault (Dave Bates/Mike Livermore)

It is an Autumn morning in AD9 in the doomed Roman province of Germania.

3 Roman legions under Varus have been ambushed and destroyed in the Teutoberg Forest by a confederation of German tribes led by former auxiliary commander Arminius (Herman).

A day or so later and a short march further west, the garrison of Aliso (Haltern Am See) under the command of Prefect Lucius Cedicius are now fighting for lives against the barbarian hordes

We will be using Hail Caesar Rules (modified by various house rules developed at the club), and a fine fort scratch built by the talented Mr. Sime, our open day organiser. Figures are 15mm, mainly by Essex Miniatures.

If the Germans can coordinate the attacks of their various contingents they will surely overwhelm the brave defenders, but if they attack piecemeal the Romans’ discipline and fighting qualities together with their deadly artillery and the ditches and stockade of their fort will make the outcome highly uncertain.


15mm Field of Glory Renaissance (John Legg)

The English Civil War is over with the defeat of the rebellious Parliamentarian upstarts, but war in Europe has become the focus of the victorious King of England, Charles I. France, supported by Spain, is at war with the Dutch, and King Charles has come to the aid of his Dutch friends to maintain their joint control over their highly profitable international trade (although it is suspected Charles might turn on the Dutch after the French and Spanish are dealt with).

Charles’ army is facing off against the Spanish Army of Flanders, hoping to inflict a decisive defeat and turn the tide of the war in his favour. Charles has assembled a sizeable force with a particularly strong contingent of the valiant Cavaliers who proved so successful in the recent English Civil War, but the Spanish have an equally large army although theirs’ is more infantry based. Both sides expect a decisive victory by the end of the day.

The Battle of The Priests Field, Maidens Way, 1679 (Milton Hundred Wargames Society)

In late November 1678, unhappy with the ruling monarch King Stephen I of Ingerland , a conclave of Lords saw the formation of the League of Premier Cities. Conceived originally to garner political opposition to the King, they became steadily more aggressive, until the Spring of 1679 when it developed into outright rebellion, and a civil war erupted. Nobles flocked to either side, each vying to gain their own individual status, and armies were mustered.

In late March, the Duc D'Abbé, Protector of the King's Arsenal, left his stronghold in Bury-on-High, taking a large amount of powder and supplies, and marched west to join his forces to those of the Barone Mustillo, a foreign noble in the service of His Majesty King Stephen. Upon reaching the area known as The Maidens Way (A small group of Hamlets and a cathedral town, named for the river running through it) the Duc happened across an abandoned church next to a broad field. Against the advice of his entourage D'Abbé decided to camp at the church and, being a God-fearing soul, to restore the building and dedicate it to the King, as well as offering prayers for victory in the coming battles.

At the same time a minor noble with high aspirations was marching South towards the Maidens Way. Marquis Hugh Le Lion was Lord of Millers Wall, a town with a low reputation, but with intentions to join the League of Premier Cities and a long standing grudge against Gylla's Hamlet, central town of Maidens Way. Le Lion sought to attack the loyalist town while it's garrison was fighting to the West to curry favour with the League, and also to exert power over his old rival. Keeping to the surrounding forests, Lion's forces crossed the Maidens Way to the West of Gylla's Hamlet and turned East to approach the town from a stronger position. Early on the morning of the day of the planned attack however, scouts brought news of a small force camped nearby with a large amount of provisions. As they cautiously approached the camp, word came back that the troops belonged to the Duc D'Abbé, and that they were evenly matched in numbers. Realising the importance of his opponent, and that he had the element of surprise, Marquis Hugh Le Lion gave the order to attack immediately...

19th Century Naval (Mark Harris)

One of our games is a clash of Ships of the Line from the Napoleonic Wars. Each player will command their own Ship, which are 1/1200 scale models of vessels from the British, French and Spanish navies from the Age of Nelson.

The game be using the popular 'Action under Sail' rules - but you don't need to know them as the umpire will do all the hard work!

Your chance to emulate some of the great Captains of the era like Thomas Hardy of the Victory, Edward Codrington of the Orion, Jean Jacques Étienne Lucas of the Redoutable or Dionisio Alcalá Galiano of the Bahama.

WWI Aerial Combat (Bob Colman)

Wings of Glory is a game system that allows players to recreate aerial combat during WWI using cards and detailed miniatures to represent the aircraft of both sides and their individual speed, manoeuvre and firepower.

Choose sides and planes such as the Fokker Triplane or Sopwith Camel. Attempt to become an ace of aerial combat.

10mm Ultra Modern (Mike Proudlock)

Extract from a personal email sent by Colonel A Taylor, commanding Queens Royal Hussars (QRH) to his wife, 24 Jun 2022:

… I haven’t got long to write as we will shortly be heading for Poland with the rest of the brigade. With recent events, though, we are moving to show readiness with our Polish allies should the Russian’s sabre rattling turn into something more serious. Hopefully our presence, and some hard work by our politicians and diplomats can still defuse the situation, but if not, my job is to buy time for reinforcements to arrive, not to lose my men trying to stop the Russians in their tracks, and hopefully we have a few tricks up our sleeves to do just that without major risk.

When I first joined the regiment as a subaltern in command of an armoured troop we trained to fight the Soviet army coming across the inner German Border. I never thought that I would end up 20 years later in command of the regiment preparing for that same battle, just somewhat further east. You know there are no guarantees in war, but this is what we have always trained for, despite the forays into Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m commanding some of the best troops, with the best armour, in the world, so I am expecting to bring most of them back, and myself. Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a while …

The situation deteriorated after the forward deployment of 20 Brigade, and the game plays out the initial engagements as the QRH battlegroup meets the advancing Russian tank units pushing deep into Poland.

Fenris Descending (Jeremey Claridge)

2017 Club Game - marines battle to escape hordes of alien robots. Just about everthing on the table is scratch built from the unlikeliest materials scavenged from eBay or the bin !

WASPs (Warfighting Anti-Gravity Strike Platform) (Marcus Wheeler)

WASPs is a "playable demo" game of futuristic land combat. A bit of an experiment, but long in gestation, the project is finally seeing the light of day! Not so much micro-armour as micro Sci-Fi. WASP's emphasises pace and theme (I hope), to produce a different gaming experience in the genre. It is entirely card based (no dice were used in the creation of this project) This represents a basic game fought out over scenery representing a terraformed Mars with genetically engineered plant life. The battle takes place over a research facility. A two player game, but at a pinch it might accommodate up to four.

How It's Made ... (Tony Francis, Brigade Models)

A show-and-tell display from a local manufacturer (and long-time club member) explaining how wargames miniatures are made from design to production, taking in mould-making, metal and resin casting and the latest in CAD design and 3D-printing technology.

There will also be a FREE prize draw sponsored by Brigade Models

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