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Club Dates 2017

Below is a list of the planned games for meetings in 2017. If it does not show otherwise, all games are open to join for all those turning up and figures, terrain and rules are provided by those running the game. Please contact the person indicated to make sure that they have spare slots if you're really keen on joining a particular event.

You might find it useful to bring a tape measure, preferably marked in cms and inches, dice and pen / pencil / paper. Although game hosts should provide everything for the game there are never enough tape measures to go round (and every wargamer knows that you can never have enough dice !).

Club meetings are free to paid up members and to new attendees for their first two visits.

If nothing is shown club regulars always bring a game you can participate in.

Field of Glory games take place at most meetings, anyone welcome to join in, for details ask Paul, Pete, Colin, Bret or John

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Andy has updated the audit of the tables available at the hall; there are 11 60"x30" and five 60"x27" canteen style tables, 20 22"x22" card tables plus the club's three gaming boards at 72"x48". The last each need to be balanced on either two tables or four card tables. So there's easily scope for half-a-dozen games to go on at once.

We've left games that have already happened in place, so that non-members can see the variety of games that we run. Archived diaries from previous years can be accessed from the menu (left).

January 14th :
Club AGM, 11:00
JEREMEY - 2017 Show Game Practice
JOHN La - Border Reivers (En Garde! rules)
DAVE / MIKE L - 15mm Napoleonics (Black Powder rules)

January 28th :
MIKE P - Starmada Spaceships (2-6 players)
TONY F / ANDY / MARCUS - 6mm SF (Horizon Wars)
JOHN La / JON R - Naval Playtest (WW2 or ACW, TBD)

February 11th :
MARK/JOHN Le/ANDY - 1/300 Napoleonic (house rules) up to 6 players (3 places left)
PAUL F - Modern Naval (Harpoon 4) - postponed to next meeting due to ill health
JOHN La / JON R - Naval Playtest (WW2 convoy action)

February 25th :
SEÁN - Usuthu! - 15mm Battle of Isandlwana - 6-8 players
PAUL F - Modern Naval (Harpoon 4)
STEPHEN - Dux Bellorum - 15mm Romans and Sarmatians

February 26th : Club attending Cavalier 2017 with Fenris Descending

March 11th :
ANDY / MIKE P - Colonial Gaming in Mexico and Zululand (The Men Who Would Be Kings rules)
MARK - War of the Spanish Succession 6mm game set in 1704 using house rules (all places taken)

March 25th :
Spring Curry night
MIKE P - 10mm Early WWI (Through the Mud and Blood rules), 2-4 players
TONY F - Imperial Skies (all places taken)
PETE - 10mm Vietnam - 'Charlie Don't Surf' rules. Up to 6 players.

April 8th :
Paul F - "Blue Water and Littoral" (two small modern naval engagements, Harpoon rules) 2-4 players

April 22nd : Club attending Salute 2017 with Fenris Descending

April 22nd :
28mm Lion Rampant - the Norman Invasion of Wales (2-4 players) (game will finish at 3pm)

May 13th :
ANDY - Vietnam Campaign Game

May 27th :
TONY/JEREMEY - Celtos 28mm Fantasy
Andy / Stephen. In Her Majesty's Name and Lion Rampant, early 100 Years War.

June 10th :
MIKE P - Napoleonic Naval campaign

June 11th : Club attending Broadside 2017 with Fenris Descending

June 24th :
Summer Curry night

Club Open Day

July 8th :
PHIL - Twisting the Dragon's Tail (2018 Show Game) - 1st Playtest
PAUL F - 'Bear Hunt' - Post War Naval using Harpoon 4, up to 4 players
STEPHEN - 28mm SAGA 'Raid On Portskewett AD1065' - 2 linked scenarios based upon the Welsh attack on Earl Godwineson's hunting lodge (2 players)
MIKE L/DAVE B - Big DBA Normans v Saxons (and hopefully Crusaders v Arabs) - cancelled

July 22nd :
STEPHEN - 2017 Trevor Pearless Memorial DBA Tournament (15mm)
TONY/PHIL - Auld Adversaries (Lord of the Rings 25mm, Dwarves vs Orcs) - 2-4 players

August 12th :
MIKE P - 15mm Sci-Fi (Tomorrow's War), 2-6 players
MARK - WW1 Naval Campaign - Scenarios 8 & 9 (3 players per scenario, all places taken)
DAVE B/MIKE L/JOHN - Battle of Kulm August 1813 (15mm Napoleonic, Black Powder rules) - space for one more

August 26th :
JOHN La/STEPHEN - Franco Prussian War game (Principles of War)
DAVE B/MIKE L - Hail Caesar 28mm
ANDY/TONY G - Command & Colours Ancient and Lion Rampant (Dark Ages)

September 9th :
PAUL F - 1961 Operation Vantage – UK versus Iraq, Command Decision rules (up to 3 players)
DAVID/CHRIS - X-Wing (4 players)

September 23rd :
Autumn Curry night
STEPHEN - The Battle of Stamford Bridge - 28mm (Lion Rampant) - 4 players (all places taken)
MARK - 6mm War of Spanish Succession
ANDY/ TONY G - Dux Bellorum Saxons v. Vikings
DAVE B, MIKE L, JOHN L – 15mm Napoleonic Black Powder – Battle of Denewitz

October 14th :
STEPHEN - The Battle of Hastings - 28mm (Sword and Spear) - 4 players, will need two of the gaming boards (all places taken)
TONY F/MARCUS - Rogue Stars, 15mm SF
JOHN La - En Garde & Ronin 28mm Skirmish (4 players, one place left)

October 22nd : Club attending SELWG 2017 with Fenris Descending

October 28th :
Extended hours - 9am to 7pm
DAVE B, MIKE L, JOHN L – 15mm Napoleonic Black Powder – Battle of Leipzig
JOHN La/DAVE Sh - WW2 Convoy and Baltic Galleys

November 11th :
TONY/PHIL - Trouble in the Eastfold (Lord of the Rings 25mm) - 2-4 players
STEPHEN - 28mm Saga 'Dark Ages' (all places taken)
PAUL/COLIN - 3mm Ancients Roman Legions vs Macedonian pikes (2-4 players)
DAVID/CHRIS - X-Wing (4 players)

November 25th :
PHIL - Twisting the Dragon's Tail (2018 Show Game) - 2nd Playtest
JOHN La - WW2 Convoy Game
ANDY/JEREMEY - SAGA practice game

December 9th :
Winter Curry night
JOHN Le - WWII Eastern Front - Spearhead rules
TONY F - Imperial Skies
DAVE/CHRIS - Star Wars Armada

December 23rd :
NO MEETING - Hall not available