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Club Dates 2019

Below is a list of the planned games for meetings in 2019. If it does not show otherwise, all games are open to join for all those turning up and figures, terrain and rules are provided by those running the game. Please contact the person indicated to make sure that they have spare slots if you're really keen on joining a particular event.

You might find it useful to bring a tape measure, preferably marked in cms and inches, dice and pen / pencil / paper. Although game hosts should provide everything for the game there are never enough tape measures to go round (and every wargamer knows that you can never have enough dice !).

Club meetings are free to paid up members and to new attendees for their first two visits.

If nothing is shown club regulars always bring a game you can participate in.

Field of Glory games take place at most meetings, anyone welcome to join in, for details ask Paul, Pete, Colin, Bret or John

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With more games happening at each meeting, we're starting to find pressure on availability of tables. To ensure fairness, priority will be given to those that have been pre-booked. If someone turns up to a meeting without putting a game in the diary we will of course make every effort to accommodate that game, but there is a risk that we may not be able to do so, to avoid disappointment please diarise your games (you need to email Tony Francis or post on the Yahoo Group). Importantly, please note if your game will need more than three tables.

Andy has updated the audit of the tables available at the hall; there are 11 60"x30" and five 60"x27" canteen style tables, 20 22"x22" card tables plus the club's three gaming boards at 72"x48". The last each need to be balanced on either two tables or four card tables. So there's easily scope for half-a-dozen games to go on at once.

We've left games that have already happened in place, so that non-members can see the variety of games that we run. Archived diaries from previous years can be accessed from the menu (left).

January 12th :
Club AGM, 11:00
TONY F/JEREMEY - Celtos 28mm fantasy (room for 2 more players)
STEPHEN - Dragon Rampant 28mm fantasy 'Trouble At Heorot Hall' (up to 4 players)
JOHN Le - FoG Tournament - Carthaginians vs Romans

January 26th :
TONY F/JOHN La - Billion Suns - Starship gaming (2-4 players)
STEPHEN - Sword & Spear. Sarmatians advance against the eastern Roman empire (no places left)
MARK H - 1/600 Air War Germany 1944 campaign game #1
PETE/COLIN/BRETT - FoG R rules. Scots/Parliament Allies v Later Royalists.

February 9th :
STEPHEN - 15mm ACW, 'The Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg - September 1862' (no places left)
MIKE/DAVE B - 15mm Napoleonics, Battle of Corunna 1809
DAVID - Dogfight 69 - trial of 2019 Show game
BOB/SEAN - Rebels and Patriots (more places available)
COLIN - Mortem et Gloriam (Ancients)

February 23rd :
JOHN La/STEPHEN - 28mm Saga dark ages
PAUL F - Action of Isle de Batz. April 1944, Command at Sea rules (all places taken)
ALAN K - 28mm What a Tanker! - WW2 tanks

February 24th : Club attending Cavalier 2019

March 9th :
MARK H - 1/300 Napoleonic Wars 1813 game - France against Prussia, Russia, German States, Sweden (places available - contact Mark if interested)
ALAN K - 28mm Sharp Practice - Indian Mutiny
STEPHEN - Painting session (anyone welcome to join - bring your own brushes !)

March 23rd :
Spring Curry night
JOHN La - Gaslands 2019 Tri-series event #1
STEPHEN/JEREMEY - Full Thrust (two places left)

April 6th : Club attending Salute 2019

April 13th :
MARK H - 1/600 Air War Germany 1944 campaign game #2

April 27th :
ALAN K - War of Spanish Succession 15mm
STEPHEN/ANDY K - Dux Bellorum (2 places left)
TONY F/JOHN La - Billion Suns - Starship gaming (2-4 players)
PAUL F - Operation Vantage, 1961 Iraq vs Britain/Kuwait (1/300 Armour / Infantry, Command Decision) - space for two more players

May 11th :
JEREMEY/STEPHEN - SAGA (all spaces taken)
ALAN K - Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles (all spaces taken)
JOHN Le - FoG Ancients (all spaces taken)

May 25th :
TONY F/PHIL - The Battle of Bree (25mm Middle-Earth) - one space left
ALAN K/MIKE L - Dux Britanniarum
DAVE Si/CHRIS - 28mm Sci-Fi (Infinity rules) - space for two more players
John La/TONY G - SAGA (other players welcome)

June 8th :
ALAN K - Pulp Alley
PAUL F - North Sea Battlecruiser Action 1939 (Command at Sea) (all places taken)
ANDY/BOB - Rebels and Patriots
DAVE Si/CHRIS - 28mm Sci-Fi (Infinity rules) - space for two more players

June 9th : Club attending Broadside 2019

June 22nd :
Summer Curry night

Club Open Day

July 13th :
JOHN La - Gaslands 2019 Tri-series event #2
STEPHEN - 15mm ACW 'The Battle of Sharpsburg/Antietam' (2-4 players)
MARK - 1/300 WW2 Eastern Front, Russian Tank Brigade Assault. Up to 5 players - 3 spaces available
ALAN K - Dux Britanniarum

July 27th :
2019 Trevor Pearless Memorial DBA Tournament (15mm)
TONY F - Imperial Skies VSF Aerial Combat
ALAN K - 28mm Chain of Command WW2

August 10th :
MARK H - 1/600 Air War Germany 1944 campaign game #3
STEPHEN - 28mm Saga 'Viking Civil War' (all places taken)
ALAN K - Battle of Speyerbach 1703 - 15mm

August 24th :
PAUL/JOHN Le - FoG Ancients
JOHN La - Border Reivers Small Scale Skirmish (up to three more spaces available)
STEPHEN - Lion Rampant 28mm Medieval 'The Ruins of Saint Solange' (2-4 players)

September 14th :
SEÁN - India 1760 15mm French v British w/Indian allies (Principles of War rules). Up to three a side
ALAN K - Star Wars Armada
JOHN Le - FoG Ancients
STEPHEN - Fighting Sail Napoleonic naval 'Fire In The Mediterranean' (all places taken)

September 28th :
Autumn Curry night
JOHN La - Gaslands 2019 Tri-series event #3, 5 tables
ALAN K - Pulp Alley
JOHN Le - FoG Ancients

October 12th :
MARK H - 1/600 Air War Germany 1944 campaign game #4
PETE - 10mm Crimean War. PoW rules as written (with a few changes). Up to 6 players.
JON R/TONY G - Command and Colours, Ancients and Napoleonics (1 table only)

October 20th : Club attending SELWG 2019

October 26th :
TONY F - Hammer's Slammers Sci-Fi (all places taken), 5 tables.
MARK H - 6mm War of the Spanish Succession, 1704 Anglo-Dutch/Imperial vs France, using Society House rules (6 players - 2 places available), 4 tables.
JOHN Le - FoG 3 tables
JOHN La/DAVE Sh - Pre-Dreadnought Naval 3 tables

November 9th :
STEPHEN - 28mm Saga 'Battle For The Western Isles' (all places taken)
MIKE/ALAN K - 28mm Dark Ages using Dux Britanniarum rules
SEÁN - Sudan 1898 (Principles of War rules) - up to 6 players, 4 tables
JOHN Le - FoG 3 tables

November 23rd :
TONY F/PHIL - The Battle of Pelennor Fields (25mm Middle-Earth)
ALAN K - Pulp Alley
MARK - 6mm Napoleonic 1809 French vs Austrians, all places taken

December 14th :
Winter Curry night
JOHN La - "Death in the Land of Ice and Fire", a Gaslands special event (all places taken)
PETE - Kingmaker, boardgame of the Wars of the Roses (TM Games version with extension pack). Up to 6/7 players
ALAN K - Triumph and Tragedy (all places taken)

December 28th :
NO MEETING - Hall not available