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Page last updated : 27th January 2021

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SF300-201 M-82 Boyd MBT £1.00
SF300-201a M-821 Boyd Anti-Aircraft Vehicle £1.00
SF300-201b M-822 Boyd Turreted Artillery Vehicle £1.00
SF300-201c M-823 Boyd Command Vehicle £1.00
SF300-201d M-824 Boyd ARV £1.00
SF300-201e M-825 Boyd SP Anti-Tank £1.00

Out of Stock

SF300-201f M-826 Boyd Support Tank £1.00

Out of Stock

SF300-201g M-88 Doherty SP Artillery £1.00
SF300-201h M-827 Boyd Bridgelayer Tank £1.25
SF300-202 M-83 Curtiss Heavy Tank £1.25
SF300-203 M-41 Baumann Infantry Combat Vehicle £0.80
SF300-203a M-411 Baumann Anti-Aircraft Vehicle £0.80
SF300-203b M-412 Baumann with missile turret £0.80
SF300-203c M-413 Baumann Command Vehicle £0.80
SF300-206 M-51 Oldmann Light Recce Tank £0.60
SF300-206a M-511 Oldmann with missile turret £0.60
SF300-207 M-77 Elliot grav sled with salvo rockets £0.80

Out of Stock

SF300-208 M-84 Kochte MBT £1.00
SF300-209a Ridgway with Heavy Cannon £1.50
SF300-209b Ridgway with Plasma Cannon £1.50
SF300-209c Ridgway with Missiles £1.50

Rules and Packs

IC-201 American Republic Marine Combat Team £37.50
IC-202 American Republic Cavalry Squadron £37.50
IC-203 American National Guard Heavy Squadron £37.50

Company Packs

IC-211 AmRep Marine Tank Company £11.75
IC-212 AmRep Cavalry Tank Company £11.75
IC-213 AmRep Heavy Tank Company £14.50
IC-214 AmRep Infantry Company £8.00
IC-215 AmRep Artillery Company £13.50
IC-216 AmRep Ridgway Troop £8.00

Squadron Commander

SCR-201 Eagle Interceptor £2.50
SCR-202 Goshawk Fighter £2.50
SCR-203 Raptor Attack Fighter £3.25

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