Well fancy that …

… we won a prize !

Never for one minute did we imagine that the Pegasus Bridge game would win anything at Salute. We’re up against many fantastically impressive 28mm or larger games, with hordes of beautifully painted Napoleonic Dragoons, Hoplites, Waffen-SS etc. A 6mm game doesn’t stand a chance, right ? It appears that the judges disagreed. What we won for was the whole package – quality of the terrain, historical accuracy, presentation and the way that the club members engaged with the visiting public and explained what was going on, both in terms of the development of the game and the models and also the historical background.

So well done and many thanks to the members of Maidstone Wargames Society for putting in all the effort on the day.

Last minute additions …

As promised we still have one or two last minute new items … so last minute we don’t even have photos !

There are three Aeronef models; the Heyworth Bomber (as previewed a couple of weeks back), British Victoria class Heavy Battleship, which is a magnificient beast and threatens to spark a new battleship-building arms race in the Aeronef world, and the Stirling Castle class Passenger Liner.

There are two small spaceships, the AmRep Phoenix class strikeship and the German Spatz class missile boat. Finally, and the first of our new revamped, 3D sculpted 15mm SF range, the AmRep Curtiss heavy hover tank. If I get a chance to take photos at any time this evening I will, but I’m still frantically painting the final bits for the Pegasus bridge game !


And last but not least, a customer advance ordered some of our Shapeways items for collection at Salute, and now it appears that he doesn’t want them (after we’d paid for and ordered them in before the show … grrr !). So we’ll have a few of our assorted Water Towers for sale, along with several sets of Power Pylons (all in 6mm). So why not take the chance to pick these up post free ?

Salute Releases

So it’s now just two days to go. I’m getting panicky about finishing the Pegasus Bridge game (the last 2-3 buildings aren’t even due to arrive until today !!) while Phil and I are (as always) both worried that we don’t have enough stock of this, that or the other. So no change from any other Salute. But in 48 hours time we’ll be finishing off the setup of the stand, the game will be sitting proudly just down the aisle and we’ll be awaiting the opening of the doors and the onrushing horde.

Salute logo

We do have a pretty decent list of new releases, especially if you’re a 6mm or 15mm SF gamer looking for terrain ! You can see a list of the confirmed releases on the website, and even at this late stage there are likely to be more additions (Aeronef gamers should certainly keep an eye out before Saturday, and we might well spring one more 15mm surprise if all goes to plan).

Chrau Diliu
Blood Cauldron

Brigade Models Real Estate Ltd

Salute is only a few day away now and the list of things to do seems to grow every day. One thing however that we can tick off as done is the stock for our 6mm buildings. Lining the buildings up like this has made casting them strangely addictive. I’ve found myself in my garage at 1am just getting one last set cast before I go to bed.  That’s the last set until the ones I do at 1:30am of course.

Now we just need as many people as possible coming to see us at Salute to buy them all!

Off to the Warlords

We’re providing a few of our new 15mm buildings to the South London Warlords for them to feature in one of the their games at this years Salute. The first castings have just been finished so they will be off to the Post Office this lunchtime.

These are so new that even Tony hasn’t had a chance to see the first castings yet!

Taking a shot at the enemy….

Its also been a while since we’ve added to our range of Great War Belgians. So here is a first look at a little group of three chaps having a shot at the invading Germans.

All three will be available with headgear to represent either Line Infantry, Carabiniers or Grenadiers.

I’m hoping to get them out for Salute on April 21st, however since they’re currently in New Zealand waiting to go to the post office that may not happen.

Two weeks for them to travel round the world, have a master mould made and then three production moulds. Its going to very tight.


A Heyford with attitude

The British Nef fleet hasn’t had too much love of recent times. In fact its been several years since the Engadine dig cruiser was released. So with Salute coming (very quickly) we’ve decided to add a few new models to the British range. After all the British should have the biggest and best fleet shouldn’t they.

So I locked myself away in Brigade towers for a couple of days armed with plastic card, knives, glue and large supply of Diet Coke with the aim to knock out half a dozen new models.

First up is a large bomber based on the Handley Page Heyford from the 1930’s. The Heyford is one of my two favourite British bombers along with the Short Stirling so was an obvious choice for inspiration. However this being Nef it’s a little bigger than the real Heyford having six engines rather than two (and more guns).

There are still a few bits to finish off (the crew need to be added) but it should be out for Salute.

Last call …

Shapeways Logo

If you want to order any items from our Shapeways shop to collect at Salute, you have until the end of tomorrow to e-mail us with your requirements. We’ll be placing an über-order bringing together everyone’s pre-orders, which should arrive with us in plenty of time for the show. So if you fancy a Pegasus Bridge, or Horsa, our collection of Normandy houses or even some 15mm SF doors, get in quick.

Benouville Church

Skeletons in the closet ?

We have six in ours ! They’ve been lurking there for, well, ages, having been previewed in our old Design Studio page long ago. The six are a drummer and standard bearer, plus a leader and three more armed with spears.

Skeleton Standard Bearer    Skeleton Drummer    Skeleton Spear Leader

Skeleton Spearman    Skeleton Spearman    Skeleton Spearman

They will be available at Salute 2012.

Salute Releases

As in previous years, we’ve (finally) added a previews page for new releases at this year’s Salute show to our website.

Salute logo

Most of what goes on there will get mirrored here on the blog (we started yesterday with the Land Ironclads forts) but the website page will have full details of pricing etc.

It’s all pretty exciting leading up to Salute this year, mainly because we’re a bit disorganised so even we have no idea what will be appearing !!