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Page last updated : 17th February 2021

Since Starmada X:Brigade was published in late 2004 we've released a number of new models (indeed an entire fleet !) that obviously aren't in the rulebook. This page is where you will find Starmada stats and playsheets for these models. In addition, our merchant ships and installations weren't featured in the rulebook either, so we also have stats for these courtesy of Andreas Udby.

The files are in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe's PDF Reader software to be able to view them. If you don't have it, click on the icon below ...

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Fisher class Dreadnought (twin mass driver)
Fisher class Dreadnought (Maser)
Fisher class Dreadnought (twin torpedoes)
Fisher class Dreadnought (fighter bays)
Churchill class Battleship
Wellesley class Missile Battleship
Colossus class Battleship
Inflexible class Battlecruiser
Bulwark class Attack Carrier
Leviathan class Fleet Carrier
Durham class Heavy Cruiser
Kent class Missile Cruiser
Halifax class Light Cruiser
Swiftsure class Strike Cruiser
A-class Fleet Destroyer
D-class Torpedo Destroyer
Shark Stealth Destroyer
T-class Heavy Destroyer
W-class Escort Destroyer
L-class Frigate
S-class Corvette
Manxman class Mine-warfare Vessel
Medway Patrol Ship
Fearless class Assault Ship
Heracles class Assault Shuttle

Kearsage class Battleship
Lerchey class Battleship
Underwood class Carrier
Proudlock class Cruiser
Phoenix class Strikeship

Thüringen class Battlecruiser
Hermelin class Frigate
Grömitz class Frigate
Spatz class Missile Boat

Milano class Dreadnought
Umberto class Battlecarrier
Abruzzi class Cruiser
Insidioso class Destroyer

Chengzu class Battlecruiser
Haixiung class Carrier

Assegai class Battlecruiser
Isandlwana class Battleship
Mafadi class Carrier
Drakensberg class Light Carrier
Tshwane class Heavy Cruiser
Umgeni class Light Cruiser
Oshana class Escort Cruiser
Bantu class Fleet Destroyer
Kashana class Fleet Destroyer
Oryx class Frigate
Devilray class Lancer

Tigershark class Battleship
Sei class Carrier
Argonaut class Heavy Cruiser
Grouper class Light Cruiser
Barramundi class Destroyer
Stingray class Frigate
Moray class Corvette

Gagarin class Dreadnought
Voroshilov class Battleship
Zhukov class Battleship
Varyag class Carrier
Ulyanovsk class Fleet Carrier
Groznyy class Heavy Cruiser
Slava class Missile Cruiser
Isakov class Light Cruiser
Yerevan class Heavy Destroyer
Stoykiy class Destroyer
Molniya class Frigate
Burun class Missile Boat

Kolwer class Battleship
Eneb class Cruiser

Modular Container Ship
Modular Fighter Carrier
Modular Merchant Cruiser
Light Container Ship
Light Armed Merchantman
Medium Container Ship
Heavy Freighter
Heavy Merchant Cruiser
Heavy Merchant Fighter Carrier
Light Freighter

Laser-armed Defence Satellite
Missile-armed Defence Satellite

Fighters don't get much of a mention in the rulebook, the assumption is that they're all standard ones. Obviously it would be much more fun if each fighter had its own set of characteristics, so using the fighter design rules in the Starmada X:Brigade rulebook we've come up with some suggested fighter abilities.

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