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Papal States

Postby Zophiel » Tue May 31, 2011 6:03 pm

For those who will have 'Nef and Dig' from the Papal States - as I plan to† - the following is the oath of service during the term of Pope Pius IX:

I, __________, swear by Almighty God to be loyal and obedient to my Sovereign, the Pontiff of Rome, the Most Holy Father, __________; and to his legitimate successors. I swear to serve him with honour and fidelity and to sacrifice even my life in defence of his sacred august person, of his sovereignty and of his rights.
I swear that I do not belong to any sect whether civic or religious or to any secret society or body whatsoever which may aim either directly or indirectly to attack the Most Holy Roman Catholic Religion or to undermine society.
I also swear that at no future time shall I join any sect or society condemned by the decrees of the Roman Pontiff.
I swear to the Great and Good God that I have neither correspondence nor intelligence whatsoever whether direct or indirect with any enemy whatsoever of Religion or of the Roman Pontiffs.
Again, I swear never to abandon or surrender the insigni of the Sovereign Pontiff, nor the post entrusted me by my superiors.
I swear to observe exactly my enrolment agreement, to subject myself to all the articles and clauses both of the Law of the Pontifical State and of military orders and to conduct myself always in a valorous manner and to perform all my duties faithfully.
Therefore, may God and His Holy Gospel help me, through Christ Our Lord. So be it.

† The color scheme of the 'Nef and Dig' in question will be some liturgical color pair - probably black and purple or black and red.
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