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Re: Update on Celtos

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:19 am
by Paboook
Hi, I am really excited about the new development with Celtos :) I guess that the movement to coherent units is good step. Hopefully, the game will became more swift as well as balanced - although the pikes for Sidhe seem to be another bonus for already OP army to me :o I would rather see something new for the Vanir. Jotun and wolf chariot are just so cool concepts!

Are there any news about the rules? Do you plan to publish some kind of free lite version? I would be glad to playtest, but I live too far from the UK.

In any case, fingers crossed :)

Re: Update on Celtos

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:14 pm
by Brigadier Tony
The Vanir will be getting new figures - in fact all of the races will. There are half-a-dozen being sculpted right now (it's early days so we haven't seen any photos yet). We're currently throwing around ideas for what exactly the Jotun should look like, we haven't nailed them down yet.

We won't be releasing any figures at all until the rules are ready - there doesn't seem any point in trickling out one or two figures which will just get lost in the news pages, we'd rather wait and do it all properly when the time is right.

The rules aren't far from being ready for external playtesting - we still need to fix one or two issues we aren't happy with. And the army lists need completing, they're being worked on now.

Re: Update on Celtos

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:33 pm
by Paboook
Thanks for your reply. Good to see you keep working on the new rules.