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Intro from new member

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:16 am
by BranFlayk
Hi all, new to the forums and thought I'd introduce myself and find out what is happening with Celtos currently.
I bought the rulebook and a "few" mismatched miniatures when it first came out. Following a tidy up of my attic recently, discovered I had more than a few Gaels (some unpainted, some started, some undercoated).

Have just tried Army Painter on the unpainted ones - really pleased with results (saved a load of time as well) and now looking to strip the older/part painted ones and do them properly as well.

Discovered that Brigade had bought the old i-Kore stock, and now have two units of Sidhe (archers and retainers) waiting to be started.

Is the game still being updated? Would like to see some army books (other than Gael), and build up some forces.