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First painted Gael war-band

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:53 am
by Gael Ridire
I'm new to painting and this is my first set of Celtos figures I got from the U.S. supplier. Looking back in posts I can see there has been changes to some of the characters which I find is both good and bad, good in that things are evolving, but bad in that some are very nice. I had to make my own Celtic ring-fort, but I see that in the past there was one to acquire. I have to go slow in building my Celtos collection which just bummers me to no end. And I salute those of you who can paint tattoos and tartan on the figures. Oh yes, and the eyes, I just can't find a good way to do the eyes yet. As you will see in the accompanying photo. The one female just uses a lot of eye make-up. Hay, I've got thick skin, so critique is welcomed. :D

Okay, how does one post an image? :oops: [/url] Just found the answer, drag, I can't post. :cry: