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Page last updated : 7th May 2022

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Our models are fully compatible with all major spaceship rulesets. We currently carry stocks of Starmada Unity by Majestic XII Games and Task Force Zeta by Legionnaire Games. Neither set has specific stats for our models but both have well-supported design systems.

Starmada X : Brigade

Majestic 12 Games published a version of their Starmada rules tailored specifically to our models and complete with profiles and stats for many of our warships called Starmada X:Brigade. We no longer stock this, but it can still be obtained via MJ12's website. Starmada stats for our more recent releases that are not in the rule book can now be found on our Starmada gaming page.


The capital ships are nominally 1/3000th scale, although there are few features that would necessarily give away the size of the models. An exception to this are the fighters and small craft which are more like 1/1500th scale - the larger size is necessary to allow us to make something sensible, but the scale difference isn't outrageous and the models look fine next to each other on the table.


Models are not supplied with bases. Not everyone wants the plastic bases (we think they're great, but we realise some people may want to base their models differently or for other rules systems). Rather than making you pay for bases you don't want, we supply them seperately in our Accessories range.

For fighter stands, see item SFS-7001

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