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Field of Glory League

The Maidstone Wargames Society Field of Glory League table is an informal, fun and friendly way to keep a record of the games played at the club throughout the year, using the Field of Glory rules sets - both Ancient/Medieval and Renaissance variants in 6mm and 15mm scales.

The games can be played with one or two players each side or one against two. Two players on the same side will both receive the same points at the end of the game. The game will last about three hours after which both sides will calculate their points using the Field of Glory scoring card. This can be found on the Field of Glory website.

The League table shows the running average points total, which is total points scored to date divided by the number of games played.

The champion of the League will be the player with the highest average score at Christmas.

So why not have a go? Don't worry if you haven't got an army - some one will lend you one for the day, or join in to play a doubles game. If you're not familiar with the rules, how about a couple of practice games with one of the experienced players?

May your dice roll high. Unless you're poor of course!

2014 Results
2015 Results
2016 Results
2017 Results
2018 Results

The FoG league pages have been moved to the blog from 2019 onwards:

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