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Northern France, 22ndMay 1940


12 days into Fall Gelb, the German invasion of France and the Low Countries, the Allies are desperate. The Germans are hours from the French channel coast, the British counterattack at Arras has been beaten off and the much of the French army "had been reduced to a disorganised mass of fag-ends". A British force has been scraped together to atempt to slow the Germans for a few hours as the mass of the BEF withdraws to the channel ports. Facing them are elements of Rommel's 7th Panzer Division, equipped with Czech-built Pz.38(t)s, arguably the best all-round tank available to the Germans in 1940.

This event turned into a bit of a mega-game, with 17 players and two umpires - included in this were four very welcome visitors from Milton Hundred Wargames Club.

Tony Francis and Phil Richards

British Players
Alex Martin (C-in-C)

Andy King
Alan Sime
Chris Sime
David Sime
Brian Simons

Phil Sidnell (Belgians)
German Players
Alan Ockelford (C-in-C)

Colin Campbell
Jeremey Claridge
Mike Proudlock
Mark Pugh
Steve Thomas
Steve Tucker
Martin ?
Bret Smith
Pete Smith

Mike's Photos

Tony's Photos

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