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20mm Afghanistan by Mike Proudlock

The Battle of Kulm, August 1813

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Kulm August 1813 the French have taken the village and are about to assault the Russian rear guard defending the bridges.

Russian defensive positions.

The French push forward assaulting the centre bridge. Light cavalry advance across the river on the left flank, whilst the Russians halt the right flank despite heavy cannon fire.

Heavy fighting in the centre, the Polish Lancers and Dragoons confront Russian light cavalry and force the infantry into square.

Despite continuous heavy pounding by French cannon in fact 11 cannon hits, the Russian squares survive.

Russian Cuirassiers charge down the road and hit the French march attack column, ploughing through destroying 2 units on the bridge.

The battle at mid point just before the arrival of the Austrians and Prussians.

The Prussians arrive behind the French left flank. The French reserves put up a stiff resistance.

The Austrians arrive on the Russian right, immediately halting the advance of the French left. Cavalry charge cavalry with the Austrians victorious.

The game concludes with the French cavalry reserve (centre left) moving to intercept the Prussians.

The Austrians advancing and wiping out the French left flank. The French centre crumbles on the bridge with the Russians advancing. The Russian left now also free to advance across the second bridge under French cannon fire on the hill.

Result, well, the French survive. Another couple of hours was needed for the coalition to finish the job properly.

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