Vietnam Campaign - Mission Report
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Mission 9 - The Roadblock

Date played : 17/04/1996

Objective : B Company is to act in support of NPFF units that are to establish a roadblock at first light at the junction of Highways 26 and 243 between Dhu Lah Ly and Kung Do Pau villages. B Company is to provide local security for the roadblock.

Rules of Engagement :. Significant civilian traffic is expected. US forces may engage enemy under the following conditions :
1. US or friendly forces or civilians come under fire and source of fire is located.
2. US forces locate any non friendlies openly bearing weapons.
3. Company mortar targets and allocation of air support (other than medevac) requires authorisation through Battalion and Brigade HQs.

Outcome : 6 Hostiles killed or captured. US losses were 5 KIA and 6 WIA.Company sustained heavy casualties in what should have been a routine operation. Analysis of damage sustained and shell fragments found indicates the Company came under fire from 75mm Recoilless Rifle, 120mm Mortars, 12.7 mm HMG as well as sundry small arms. The rapid concentration of such firepower suggests that the intention to set up the roadblock was known to the local VC prior to deployment. VC activity in the Dhu Lah Ly area seems to be on the increase. Intelligence suspects the jungle area to the north of Dhu Lah Ly is being used by the VC as a training and logistics base, consequently in conjunction with the local RSVN authorities a Prohibited Zone has been declared. All local village chiefs have been warned to keep their people out of this zone. Additional US and RSVN operations will be mounted to eliminate the VC from the Prohibited Zone.

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