Vietnam Campaign - Mission Report
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Mission 15 - Special Delivery

Date Played : 26/11/2006

Objective : B Company were tasked with a patrol mission in the vicinity of Tung Doh village. Co HQ actual was tasked with delivering a package to the village headman in person.

Outcome : Only the Co HQ, Wpns Platoon HQ and two under strength rifle platoons (HQ and 2 squads each) were available for the mission.

The company approached the village from the west, with Co HQ and Wpns Platoon HQ in the centre, Lt B. Simonís platoon patrolling into the edge off the jungle on the left flank, and Lt M. Harrisí platoon covering the right, or northern flank.

As Co HQ approached the village they came under sporadic fire from the jungle to their south, causing them to take cover.

Unfortunately for the VC squad engaging the Co HQ, they failed to observe Lt Simonís platoon approaching through the jungle to their right. Lt Simons had no difficulty in locating the firing units and immediately led his platoon HQ in a close assault on the VC position, sustaining a single casualty in the process. Stunned by this attack from an unexpected direction the VC squads morale collapsed and they attempted to withdraw back into the jungle, only to encounter Sgts Tucker and Dreghornís squads. This was the final straw for the VC unit, 6 of their 8 men being injured they surrendered immediately.

As the fire from the jungle lifted Co HQ resumed itís approach towards the village, only to come under mortar fire almost immediately, resulting in the death of one of the HQ runners.

While Lt Simonís platoon secured their prisoners, a fire fight developed between Lt Harrisís platoon and VC elements in woodland to the north of the village. This fire fight lasted for around 5 minutes, with Sgt Lymathís squad suffering one casualty. As the platoon advanced into the woodland, the VC withdrew, leaving a single casualty behind. Sgt Lymathís squad took the casualty prisoner and Sgt Harrisís squad found several spent M79 rounds.

During a short lull in the fighting the POWs and US casualties were evacuated by truck convoy.

Lt Simonís platoon then continued their advance through the jungle, as they started to cross a stream they came under automatic weapons fire from a VC squad ahead of them. The platoon returned fire for a time, suffering one KIA in the fire fight, and then mounted another close assault. At this point the VC morale failed and they ran, leaving two bodies and two wounded behind.

While Lt Simonís platoon was fighting in the jungle the Weapons Platoon HQ under Lt Shillito searched the village, discovering a cache of US medical supplies in one of the hooches. These must have been obtained from US or ARVN stores.

Shortly thereafter the village came under HMG fire from the jungle, killing one of Lt Shillitoís men and a villager, and wounding another villager.

Lt Simonís platoon advanced towards the source of the HMG fire, but the VC had withdrawn and no further contact took place.

While policing the area Sgt Dreghornís platoon found an ammunition cache and evidence of a mortar firing position.

This was an successful mission for the company, resulting in the capture of 11 VC, and a confirmed bodycount of 2 VC KIA. In addition to the ammunition and medical supplies, two LMGs and several rifles were captured. The cost to the company being 3 KIA and 2 WIA out of the 67 officers and men committed to the patrol.

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