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Christmas Meeting, 14th December 2013

Writeup by Andy King

At the 2013 Christmas meeting, Stephen organised a WW2 Fighter (mostly) free for all, using the Chocks Away rules he wrote some time ago. Mostly, you ask? All will be revealed.

Points were awarded for kills based on the quality of the plane being flown:

Tony F came first with 15 points (6 kills), Mark came second with 10 points (5 kills), and Andy came third with 7 points (4 kills).

Pilot Kills Total Points Rank Status
Tony F 3 3 2 2 2 3 6 15 1 Ace
Mark H 2 2 2 2 2 5 10 2 Ace
Andy 1 2 2 2 4 7 3
Stephen 1 3 2 3 6 4
Dave 2 2 2 4 5
Mike 1 1 1 1 4 4 5
Bob 1 1 1 3 3 7
Jeremey 2 1 2 8
Brian 2 1 2 8
Bret 1 1 1 10
Tony G - - 11

Some mention should be made of those members who chose something out of the ordinary:

After the game Andy asked the pilots to submit their reports, which follow. These have not, in the main, been edited.

Andy also tried to cross reference the claims to come up with a definitive account of who shot down who with what. He is not sure he succeeded, but the summary is attached at the end of the report.


  1. Bf109G6. One Kill (Mark's Lancaster). Can't remember who shot me down
  2. Bv141. No Kills. Shot down by Mark's Lancaster (I think), encouraged by everyone else as they seemed affronted by the existence of my somewhat eccentric aircraft.
  3. Bf110. 3 Kills, including Bob again.

I shot down three with the P38. One was Steve and I can't remember who the others were. My Buffalo blew up before it could do much and the Polish thing was doing well before it went down. My second P38 also blew up. I had a day of rolling 1's and 20's in the wrong order. I think Steve shot down my Polish thing. You shot down the buffalo. I was too traumatized to remember anything else

Myself in the Macchi 200 shot down Jeremy in the Fokker XXI. A number of aircraft shot at me and I cannot remember who delivered the 'Coup de grace'.

Well where to start? Not sure I can remember it all.

  1. FW21 apparently although looking it up, from pictures looked more like a FW190? (got shot down by Brian) - No kills
  2. Same plane (got shot down by Mark) - No kills
  3. Hurricane - Shot down Mosquito (Mike) - retired early flushed with success!

[Tony: Your first plane was a Dutch Fokker D-21]

Avro Lancaster Mk I used all day (NG404)

  1. Got shot down by Tony F in first plane (He 109? [He112]) on an 18
  2. Got shot down again by Andy's 109 on an 18
  3. Shot Tony F down (I think - not sure about this) He 109
  4. Got shot down again (I think by Bob's Lightning)
  5. I think I then shot down Tony G (IL2)
  6. Definitely shot down Andy's 'freak of nature'
  7. Put Jeremey's Fokker D-21 out of it's left hand turn misery.
  8. Got shot down again (can't remember who)
  9. Shot down Steve's small Russian fighter whose name escapes me (more engine than plane)

Definitely 5 kills and I think four losses.

Re Mark's item 8 - the shooter-down was me with the Mozzie (3rd incarnation, and by that time down to just 1 strength!)

Unfortunately I didn't get Andy's monstrosity, but I did take large chunks of it (I did something like 5/6 points plus a special or two), but missed my last shot at it at point-blank range - obviously put off by the impossible aerodynamics of the thing.

I also took a big chunk of Bob's little recce plane with the high wing, and some smaller pieces of a couple of others [Tony: "Bob's little recce plane" !!!!! I'll have you know that the PZL P-11c he was flying was the height of fighter aircraft design (albeit in 1931 ...)].

I'll have to check my play sheet tonight for actual kills, but as above, got Mark, and also Steve's Buffalo.

Checked playsheet, 4 kills: ?, Steve's Buffalo, Mark's Lancaster & Tony G's Sturmovik


  1. Yak 9 - Shot down Bob's P38
  2. FW189
  3. Brewster Buffalo
  4. MC 200 - Shot down Brett's Corsair

Shot down something else but can't remember what. [Andy: Based on point awarded: 1, 3, 2 the 1 would be a kill by the Yak-9, the 2 a kill by the MC200, and the 3 probably a kill by the Fw189]

The Buffalo came on at the table edge, shot at Jeremy (jamming his rudder into a left turn) then got shot at by ?, which jammed my throttle, carried on in a straight line, then hammered by Mike's Mosquito and bailed out, total flight was about 20' in a straight line…

Tony (F):

  1. Heinkel He-112 (Luftwaffe) - shot down Mark's Lancaster twice (two successive lucky explosions!). Not sure who finally shot me down
  2. Polikarpov IL-16 (VVS) - two kills, one of which was Tony G's Sturmovik
  3. Gloster Gladiator (RAF) - two kills, one of which was a lucky long-range pot shot on Dave's MiG
  4. Curtiss Hawk 75 (Norwegian AF) - didn't really get into action

I think one of my other kill's was Steve's Yak-9, and I think I was shot down once by the Lancaster

Tony (G):

  1. IL2 Sturmovik Inflicted 5 hits from front gun and four from rear, but no kills. I'm not sure who killed me, but I thought it was the Lightning.
  2. IL2 Sturmovik Inflicted 2 hits from front gun before being quickly shot down by Tony F.
  3. IL2 Sturmovik Inflicted 1 hit from front and 2 from rear before being shot down by the Lancaster.

I hit fourteen times but couldn't manage a final kill and therefore came last.

And finally, Andy's attempt at pulling it all together (click to access PDF file)

Photos by Tony Francis and Andy King

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