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The club plays many different types of game. This page will give you a flavour of how we while away our Saturdays.

You might get the impression from the list of battle reports the club has a predominantly Fantasy/Sci-fi edge ... not so, it just seems to be that the F/SF players are better at writing up their games ! Take a look at the diary to see the full range of games that get played.

Dragon Rampant


DBA Tournament


Napoleonic Naval Campaign

Napoleonic Campaign

The Battle of Kulm

Cruise of the Meteor


WWI Naval Action

Force on Force - 20mm Afghanistan

Samangar - Viking Skirmish

Xmas Dogfight 2013

Mystery at 32 Andromeda

The Battle of DoggerBank

Assault on Alpha Hydri



Blaze Across the Sands

Operation Linebacker

Battle of the Puffin Islands

Force On Force

Delta Pavonis

Fleet Action

Holding Action

The Terra Tyrhenna Strike

The Waters of Mars

The Sands of Mars

Into The Mist ...

Heligoland Bight

Operation Eyrie

Battle of Fairlight Cove

Into The Mist ...


Old West Campaign