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Club AGM, 2006

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held on January 14th, 2006.

A well attended AGM with some members attending the meeting just in time for the start of the meeting.

AGM - Chairman's report 2005

All club officers were re-elected whole heartedly (no one willing to take over a mug's job). I would like to thank the other officers for the work they do all year especially Tony for our web site and Mark for looking after our finances.

Chairman - Trevor Pearless
Secretary - Brian Simons
Treasurer - Mark Harris
WebMaster - Tony Francis
Game & Interest Co-ordinator - Paul Lymath

Events 2006

We will be running a show game based on the Falklands naval battle this year. Look out for a report and photos later this year. We have been asked to run an evening game at 1 or 2 of the local libraries later this year and members have agreed to do this in at least 1 of them.


Due to the change in membership fees brought in last year we are holding our own against the hiring fees. If we have members paying now and again in the summer to the same level as last year there might be a refund in late July of some of the money paid in.

Have a good year gaming, your dice rolls be good and your paint brushes remain wet.

Trevor Pearless (chairman)

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