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Club AGM, 2008

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held on January 12th, 2008.

Adoption of New Rules and Constitution

A lively debate leading to the adoption of the rules written by the Treasurer. The only change was to increase the definition of concessions from juniors only to cover juniors, retirees and those in receipt of benefits. The new rules can be viewed here.

Elections of Officers

All were willing to re-stand for election with no other members standing against them. In each case the Officers were asked if they understood their roles under the new rules.
Chairman - Trevor Pearless
Secretary - Brian Simons
Treasurer - Mark Harris
WebMaster - Tony Francis
Game & Interest Co-ordinator - Paul Lymath

Chairman's Report 2008

Welcome to our new venue.
A vote of thanks to Steve T for finding and making the initial steps to us moving to this venue.
A vote of thanks to Mark H for writing the new rules.
A vote of thanks to Andy K for stepping in at short notice and doing the show game Non Son Hombres Son Demonios.
Paul Lymath held onto his 1st Place Individual in the Ultra Modern World Championships in Derby but the team let him down and we went from 1st last year to last in this year.

Secretary's Report 2008

Not much to add to the Chairman's report except that we do not know if the SELWG show will be running this year. The club is planning to take part in the celebrations of the anniversary of the "Battle of Maidstone" that occurred during the English Civil War. We will be putting on a demonstration game in 10mm if a suitable venue is found.

Treasurer's report

An increase to the membership fees were needed to cover the higher cost of the new venue. By a unanimous vote this was accepted. See our main page for the new cost of membership fees.

Any Other Business

Mark H proposed to organise the show game for 2009. A large demo/re-enactment of the battle of Aspern-Essling, Napoleon's first ever defeat, (bi-centenary year in 1809), which would use around 7,000 6mm figures.
It was proposed that the club holds an Open day on the 14th June. The committee have agreed to start planning for that with Tony F in charge of the planning.

Summing up - this was the longest A.G.M. that I have chaired but one of the most fruitful. After the meeting some members retired to the hostry next door for quick refreshment.

Trevor Pearless (chairman)

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