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Club AGM, 2010

Originally scheduled for January 11th, but meeting cancelled because of snow

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, held on January 25th, 2010.

Election of Officers

As you can see all got re-elected unopposed.

Chairman's Report 2010

Mark put on a very good show game (The Battle of Aspern-Essling). We attended the Military Odyssey at Detling over the August Bank holiday so thanks to members who attended over the 3 days and we have been invited back for 2010; so I shall be asking for volunteers to man the table this year shortly. Numbers are up and more games are being run on the club days. Last year's open day ran well and we are already planning for this year's. We are planning to repaint the boards in the spring and have a 4th board made.

Secretary's Report 2010

Nothing to report that had not been mentioned already. I would like to see more WW2 games played this year.

Treasurer's report 2010

The report was sent out to members in December due to changes in the hiring of the hall. With the growing number of members there is a reduction in fees this year.

Any Other Business

Steve T asked if we should change the club name as many of the members come from outside Maidstone. No vote was taken but the consensus was that it should stay the same as this is what we are known as.

Show games were discussed with Mark taking his game to one show, Tony putting on a 6mm Future Wars Commander game for Salute with a 3rd game (Celtos revisited) for the SELWG. Alex's game will run in all shows in 2011. There will be a club meeting in April for those not going to Salute.

Trevor Pearless (chairman)

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