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EGM, 11th Sept 2010

Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting, held on September 11th, 2010.

Present: Alan, Ian, Colin, Alex, Andy, Tony (G), Paul, Jeremy, Steve, Jon, Brett, and Brian

Election of Chairman

Only one nomination was received. Andy was elected, all present and by proxy voting in favour.

Military Odyssey

Discussion of this year's event and whether we should participate next year. This year we attended on Saturday (Aspern - Essling, 5 members) and Monday (Camerone, 4 members). We believe we need a minimum of 4 people per day to make attendance viable.

Some members believe we should not continue with this event, citing the difficulty of getting enough members to man the event over three days at a time of year when many have other demands on their time. It was also suggested that the club does not get much benefit from attending, i.e. no new members resulting from attendance, and that those attending don't get to play a game as such.

It was noted that this event enables us to reuse games we have taken to wargames shows in previous years, and so requires little preparation.

Andy suggested that we approach two other local wargames clubs, Milton Hundred (Sittingbourne) and/ or Rainham to see if we could interest them in sharing the effort, either on the basis of each club doing one day, of having members present from more than one club on each day. There would be some logistical challenges in passing on car passes and wristbands. Andy, who is also a member of Milton Hundred, was appointed to explore this idea with the other clubs. A final decision will need to be made at January's AGM, so that we can let the organiser know whether we will be attending or not.

Curry nights

General consensus that these should continue on a quarterly basis, but varying the venue / type of food. Andy volunteered to organise the next night, on the 25th September.

Show Games

Jeremy raise the question of adopting a more structured approach to manning the club game at shows, so that those members present know when they are needed at the club stand, and when they are free to visit trade stands and other games. This need not be set in stone in advance, but could be organised on the day. We will try this out at SELWG, 17th October.

Another issue was raised over those attending shows who man the club game at shows and who have to pay to get in because we have more attendees than free passes. Consensus was that that cost should be shared by those who have free passes, or be paid for by the club.

2011 Show Game

Alex briefed us on preparations for next year's WWII show game tentatively titled "The Bridge over the river Wye" (groan). This will involve British sabotage parties trying to blow up a railway bridge following a successful Operation Sealion invasion.

Alex asked for assistance with some painting, Steve offered to paint some buildings; Alex will ask Tony (F) if he can paint some figures.

The game will feature a working train. Alex intended powering this with a car battery, others raised concerns over Health and Safety issues that may be raised by show organisers or venues over having wet acid batteries on site. Andy will explore alternative power supplies. Brian will approach show organisers for advice.

Alex will bring the game along to the meeting on 27th November for a practice run.

Disposal of Trevor's armies and games

Jon requested assistance in collecting Trevor's armies etc from Trevor's parent's house and sorting and cataloguing them.

Alex, Andy and Jon will collect them and bring them to the club meeting on the 25th September. We will then use some of the tables to sort and catalogue the collection.

There was a suggestion that Trevor may have been holding items that actually belonged to other members or ex members, Alex confirmed some items of his were at Trevor's; we suspect Bob Medcraft might also be in the same position. Andy to approach Bob and others to find out.

To give all members a fair chance to make an offer for anything of interest we will not dispose of anything until we have circulated the catalogue to all members.

Our intention is then to enter anything not wanted by any members into the Bring and Buy at SELWG, and put anything not sold at SELWG up on e-Bay.

Jeremy suggested using the e-Bay charity auction option, especially for any odds and sods that may be left. As Trevor's collection forms part of his estate we would need to get Trevor's executor's agreement to do that.

There being no other business the EGM closed at approximately 13.00.

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