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Rules of the Society


MWS is a not-for profit Society which exists to promote the hobby of miniature wargaming.

Membership Rules

Membership of the Society is by annual subscription, due on 1st January of each year, or pro-rated at the time of joining for those joining during the year.

Full membership is available to anyone over the age of 18 and entitles the member to:

Concessionary membership is available to anyone up to the age of 18, serving members of the armed forces, unwaged and those over 65 and entitles the member to:

Penalties may be levied for late payment of subscriptions.

Non-payment of subscriptions will result in suspension from membership.

The Society may resolve to allow non-members to attend meetings for a one-off fee, but such payment and occasional attendance will not qualify as Membership of the Society.

Responsibilities of the Committee

Only those who have been full members in good standing for at least 12 months and with no outstanding subscriptions are eligible to stand for the Committee.

Any member of the Committee may ask for a meeting to consider the exclusion of an existing Society member for a breach of the Society rules.

No member of the Committee is entitled to vote on an issue affecting their own exclusion from the Society.

The committee will be appointed to serve for a period of one year at an Annual General Meeting held in January of each year.

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are the Official Representatives of the Society and share responsibility for stewardship of Society assets.


Responsibilities are as follows:


Responsibilities are as follows:


Any individual standing for the post of treasurer should be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the existing committee that they have the expertise to manage the budget and financial affairs of the Society and must be acceptable to the Society's bankers as an authorised signatory to the account. The treasurer should be a member of a suitable professional body if such a member is willing to stand.

Responsibilities are as follows:

Ordinary members of the committee

There will be two ordinary members of the Committee.

The Society will vary the responsibilities of ordinary members of the committee from time to time in order to take responsibility for particular aspects of Society activities. Current Responsibilities are as follows:

Responsibilities of Members

All members are responsible for ensuring that subscriptions and penalties for late payment are paid to the Society Treasurer by the due date.

Members are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly way at Society meetings and any public events attended by the Society.

They should support the activities of the Society, maintaining cordial relations with other Society members and members of the public attending events at which the Society attends.

Conduct deemed inappropriate by the Committee could result in suspension and/or exclusion from membership and the meetings of the Society.

In the event that the Society is wound up, any residual assets after settling any outstanding liabilities are deemed to be jointly and equally the property of all full members in good standing, subject to having no outstanding subscriptions.

General Meetings

Members shall be given at least two weeks notice by the Chairman of any meeting and all decisions will be resolved by a simple majority. At least one third of members are required to attend for a quorum to be present.

These rules agreed at the Annual General Meeting of the Maidstone Wargames Society on 11th January 2008 at Linton Village Hall, Maidstone

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