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Club Dates 2012

Below is a list of the planned games for meetings in 2012. If it does not show otherwise, all games are open to join for all those turning up and figures, terrain and rules are provided by those running the game. Please contact the person indicated to make sure that they have spare slots if you're really keen on joining a particular event.

You might find it useful to bring a tape measure, preferably marked in cms and inches, dice and pen / pencil / paper. Although game hosts should provide everything for the game there are never enough tape measures to go round (and every wargamer knows that you can never have enough dice !).

Club meetings are free to paid up members and to new attendees for their first two visits.

If nothing is shown club regulars always bring a game you can participate in.

We've also produced a table showing the variety of games that we've put on over the past few years (taken from previous diaries). As you can see, no single period dominates and we all tend to have a go at everything.

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Thanks to Andy, we now have an audit of the tables available at the hall; there are 13 60"x30" canteen style tables, 18 22"x22" card tables plus the club's three gaming boards at 72"x48". The last each need to be balanced on either two tables or four card tables. So there's easily scope for half-a-dozen games to go on at once.

We've left games that have already happened in place, so that non-members can see the variety of games that we run. Previous diaries are also left in place as an archive :

January 14th :
Club AGM, 11:00
STEVE/JEREMEY - Celtos 28mm Fantasy (no places left)
ANDY - Polemos 6mm ECW (2-4 players)
PETE/PAUL - FoG 6mm Ancients. A couple of other players will be welcome

January 28th :
MIKE - Napoleonic naval campaign game 2. New captains welcome to serve King and country, but helpful, not essential, if you could let me know in advance
JEREMEY - Combat Zone, 28mm SF Skirmish (4 players)
PAUL/PETE - 6mm Ancients

February 11th :
STEVE/JEREMEY/TONY - Celtos 28mm Fantasy (no places left)
MIKE - Force on Force small scale modern action Russian v British (10mm) 4-6 players
PAUL/PETE - 6mm Ancients

February 25th :
ALAN - Rapid Fire WW2 20mm (5 + players)
MIKE - Force on Force small scale modern action Russian v British (10mm) 4-8 players
BRET/COLIN - FoG Ancients

March 11th :
Note - This meeting is on a SUNDAY because of a clash of bookings at the hall
TONY - Salute game practice (invite only)
ANDY - 1/1200th Coastal Naval
IAN - FOG, Palmyra against Rome.

March 24th :
Spring Curry night
MIKE - Greeks v Persians - Hoplomachai rules 2-4 players
STEVE - 6mm Sci Fi. Eurofed French strike to take control of vital resources on Mars. (4 players)

April 14th :
STEVE / JEREMEY - Celtos 28mm Fantasy (no places left)
TONY - Salute game practice

April 28th :
MIKE - biblical ancients - Mitanni v Assyrians 2-4 players (if more interest, could grow to 8 players by joining allied armies)
STEVE - Battle of Bunker Hill, 15mm American War of Independence
MARCUS - Vietnam Air War
BRET - Ptolemaic Egyptians v Seleucids, 15mm FOG

May 12th :
ANDY - Andy - 1:1200 Coastal. Continuation of the mission played on March 11th. 4 - 6 players. Any budding RN or KM commanders contact Andy.
PAUL - 2mm WW2 Eastern Front
VISITORS - Milton Hundred Wargames Club are visiting to playtest their show game for Broadside. They should be bringing cake ...

May 26th :
ALAN - Shako 25mm Napoleonic (lots of players)
MARCUS - Stingray (SLW rules) 2-4 players
STEVE / JEREMEY - Celtos 28mm Fantasy (no places left)

June 9th :
ANDY - Vietnam Campaign game - open to all, please let Andy know if intending to participate.
JEREMEY - painting day !

June 23rd :
Summer Curry night

Club Open Day

July 14th :
STEVE - Battle of Stafford 1069AD - using Armati and Impetus (2-4 players)
MIKE - Starmada CDSU v AMREP next in the ongoing series of games 2-6 players
DAVE - 28mm Sci Fi (Humans V Taurans) using Combat Zone rules with input from Infinity

July 28th :
STEVE - 2012 Trevor Pearless Memorial DBA Tournament (15mm, any armies)

August 11th :
JEREMEY - 2nd Playtest of Armoured Thrust (2mm Sci-fi)
BRET - FOG 15mm Ptolomaic Egyptian v Selucids. Colin & Bret plus 0-2 players.
JOHN L - Baltic Galleys (using Langton miniatures) - 4 players

August 25th :
MARK - Napoleonic Campaign, open to all
MARCUS - Stingray (SLW rules) 2-4 players (yes, really !!)

September 8th :
BRET - FOG 15mm Indian v Alexandrian Imperial. Bret. plus 1-4 players.
ANDY - 6mm ECW game using Polemos rules

September 22nd :
Autumn Curry night
MIKE - Force on Force Afghan wars 20mm 2-6 players (gives me an incentive to gets them painted!)
STEVE - 15mm American War of Independence 'Battle of Guilford Courthouse' - up to 5 players.

October 13th :
BRET - FOG 15mm Carthaginian v Mid Rep Roman. Bret. plus 1-4 players.
ALAN - 20mm WW2 using THW Nuts! rules (2-4 players)

October 27th :
MIKE - Napoleonic naval campaign game 3. As always, new Captains welcome to join the fight for King and Country, but please let me know in advance so I can allow for this in the scenario.
STEVE - 6mm Sci Fi. 'The Second Battle of Nova-Johannesburg' Eurofed French keep up their pressure on the South African Mars colony. (2-4 players)

November 10th :
MARCUS - Stingray or Vietnam Air 3/4 players. (exactly which game TBD)
PETE - 6mm WW2 Western Desert. Spearhead rules.About 6 or so players.

November 24th :
Cancelled ALAN - Shako 25mm Napoleonic (lots of players)
MARK - 6mm Napoleonics (house rules)
BRET & COLIN - FoG game - Indian vs Seleucid (0-3 players)
DAVE/CHRIS - X-Wing Star Wars Starfighters (up to 4 players)

December 8th :
Winter Curry night
PETE - Kingmaker ( board game of the Wars of the Roses) from 3 or 4 players to 8 or even 12.

December 22nd :
NO MEETING - Hall not available

Show Dates 2012

February 26th : Cavalier, Tonbridge

April 21st : Salute 2012, ExCel, London

June 10th : Broadside 2012, Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne