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Berlin or Bust

20mm WWII Participation


Terrain scratchbuilt by Phil Richards and Tony Francis.
Vehicles are a variety of 1/72nd and 1/76th plastic kits and assorted metal and resin models, all painted by Phil. Buildings are mostly Faller and Kibri HO railway models from the collections of Phil, Tony and Andy King.

This is the text taken from an old game handout:

It's the long, hot summer of '44. The Allied armies have broken out of the area around Normandy and. are streaming eastwards as fast as their tracks will carry them. Leading the way for the Americans are the recce units, combined groups of tanks and infantry under a unified command.

The game 'Berlin or Bust' is based around the actions of one of these recce groups, and its efforts to advance further into Europe. Each team of four players commands a unit comprising two infantry platoons, one tank platoon ana a headquarters section. You have 45 minutes of real time to advance the troops in your command. as far up the table as you can, off the end of the table if possible. The German forces are controlled by the umpires, and can be of any size or composition, and deployed anywhere. Good Luck !!

A view from the balcony at Salute '88 looking down on the Maidstone display.

Shermans advance down one flank.

Martin Cardwell (far left) and Tony Francis (second left) look pensive as they contemplate the German's next move (and Brian Simons' velvet jacket, centre). Eighties 'fashion' at its height at Tunbridge Wells in 1988.

The Americans approach the far end of the table in their mad one-hour scramble for territory.

Salute 1988 Photos from Phil Richard's Archive

Martin Cardwell (partially hidden) and Phil Richards discuss tactics while Paul Lymath and Trevor Pearless look on.

Trevor tries to explain the rules.

Martin in a pensive mood as his German defensive plans collapse.

(L-R) Andy King looks thoughtful, Martin look surprised, Phil looks at his tanks while a member of the public looks suicidal as Trevor talks his ear off...

A few moments later and the same line-up looking a lot more relaxed.

'Who're you looking at !?' - Brian Simons out-stares the cameraman.

Andy looking bored, Phil trying to find the missing Tiger tank while Martin says "it's this long - really it is !".

SELWG 1988 Photos from Phil

Brian mugs to the camera, Phil and Tony discuss something (probably Brian), Andy stares at Brian.

Mark Harris and Phil set up the German defences.

Paul Lymath sets up the American attackers while Andy stares on in disbelief.

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