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Biggles and the Island at the Top of the World

28mm Pulp Sci-fi Participation

Jim Clarke Memorial Award for the Best Science Fiction / Fantasy game at Salute 2021

1946. Biggles has been contacted by wartime comrades Worrals and Betty “Frecks” Lovell, whose uncle Professor Lovell has been researching a mysterious artic phenomenon. Shortly after writing to her to say he suspected he was being followed, he has disappeared. From the professor’s isolated, ransacked, home Biggles’ party recovered various papers, a copy of a strange map written in Ancient Norse and his journal. These suggest the professor had tracked the phenomenon, which he believed to be an immense and hitherto unknown source of power to a lost Viking settlement on an island north of Svalbard, beyond the Arctic Circle, and suggested that other, dangerous, parties were on the same trail.

Having arrived by seaplane on the party have located the Vikings and discovered the location of an ancient labyrinth, containing the mythical “Ragnarok Stones”. The party also discover a group of Nazis, led by Hans Kammler, operating from an advanced submarine and a group of Soviet NKVD troops, all intent on claiming the power of the Stones for themselves!

The game was devised by Marcus who also built the labyrinth.
The submarine is an MDF model from Blotz, built by Phil. The Walrus, from SMER and the Aerosan, from Baker Company, were built by Stephen.
Figures from Artisan , Copplestone, Lucid Eye, Empress Miniatures and Belt Fed Gaming; painted by Tony, Phil and Marcus.
Scenic items from Bad Squiddo, Scotia-Grendel and Games Workshop.

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