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Bridge over the River Wye

GHQ Auxiliary Units

GHQ Auxiliary units were created early in 1940 with the aim of resisting the German occupation of Britain in the event of a successful invasion. There were two main components to the Auxiliary Units, the Special Duty Sections and Operational Patrols.

Special Duty Sections were civilians trained to observe German activity and identify vehicles, high-ranking officers and military units. They would pass on their intelligence to the Operational Patrols via dead letter drops.

Operational Patrols were made up of 4 to 8 men with extensive local knowledge and countryside skills; foresters, gamekeepers and poachers for example. Recruits were told to keep their role secret from friends and family, and even from the local military and police forces. Although not part of the Home Guard, they had Home Guard uniforms, and were provided with camouflaged hides and equipped with food, weapons and explosives. In the event of an invasion, they were to stay hidden until the front line had passed their area of operations, then emerge at night to attack supply dumps, railway lines and assassinate senior German officers.

Men in these units had to be resolute, they knew that their activities would bring reprisals from the Germans against the local populace, and they also knew that they would be unlikely to survive for very long once they started operations. Members anticipated being shot if they were captured, and were expected to shoot themselves or take poison first rather than be taken alive.

Today’s game is based on a fictional scenario set some months after the successful invasion of southeast England by German forces, somewhere near the River Wye.

Up to four players will control an Auxiliary unit Operational Patrol. It is night, and your mission is to set charges on the Bridge over the River Wye before a troop train passes.

You have less than an hour before the train is due to cross the bridge, from intelligence passed from the Special Duty Sections you know that the bridge will be guarded and that there is a fixed checkpoint on a road you must cross on the way, there may also be German anti partisan patrols about. Remember, capture is not an option.

German forces will be controlled by the Maidstone Wargames Society.


The game has been masterminded by Alex Martin, who built the scenery, and uses figures and vehicles from his collection and that of Tony Francis. Painting credits go to Alex, Tony, Steve Tucker and Brett Smith.

Figures and Models are from SHQ, Kelly's Heroes, Britannia, FAA, Platoon 20, Dixon, Wargames Foundry, Airfix, Matchbox, Esci, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Frontline and probably some others we have forgotten. Scenery is by Hornby and Woodland Scenics.


The rules are our usual home-brewed, single-side-of-A4 fast play affair. If you'd like to try out the game yourselves then you can download the rules by clicking on the icon below:

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