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The Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh

28mm Fantasy Demonstration

One of our most ambitious projects for some time. Known as the Battle of the Plain of Pillars, this game depicts the invasion of the Sidhe lands in Goria, by the Fomorians in an attempt to remove the Sidhe as a race.

Celtos is a range of 28mm fantasy figures manufactured by Brigade Models who, you've probably gathered by now, have connections with MWS. Scenery was made by Phil Richards, with the exception of the Sidhe temple which we inherited from Urban Mammoth. The 300-odd figures were painted by Tony Francis.

At the Shows

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Work-in-progress shots of the Sidhe castle

The first playthrough game at Brigade Models workshop


Various units of Sidhe warriors

The Game in Action

The game at Salute 2008

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