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25mm Dark Ages Participation

The year is 1071, William has been King of England for 5 years. Most Saxons have resigned themselves to the Norman conquest, but there are still some outlaws at large who refuse to accept the new order. Life in the village of Nearwater has returned to normal after the village chief submitted to the new Norman lord. The peasants raise their crops and graze their herds, muttering quietly about the taxes levied by the Normans, and the occasional trader calls at the castle and village. Life on the whole is quiet, but one still has to keep an eye open for Viking Longships !

Players will control the Saxon Village, Vikings, Normans and Rebel Saxons. Members of the club will control the Traders and village peasants. Each game should last around one hour, the player with the most points in each game wins a figure kindly donated by Gripping Beast. If you would like to join in, please speak to any member of the Society.

Best Participation Game at Tunbridge Wells '98


Figures : Mainly Gripping Beast, with some from Wargames Foundry and Essex Miniatures
Terrain Tiles : Total System Scenic (TSS)
Trees : TSS and Realistic Modelling Services
Buildings : Gripping Beast
Longship : Gripping Beast
Figure Painting : Stephen Tucker (Society Member) and Gripping Beast

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