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Into The Dark Side

25mm SF Participation

After months of searching the navy has finally located the main rebel base, however the base is protected by an early warning sensor network located on some of the asteroids in the base's system. During a period where one of these asteroids will be in a communication blackspot, a marine assault force is to be landed from one of the few cloaked ships in the navy. The marines have around 50 minutes before the asteroid emerges from the communication blackspot. In this time they must breach the installation's airlock and fit a telemetry pack to the main communications tower. This will be then be used to send bogus telemetry signals so that the main assault force can approach the rebel base without detection.

The asteroid's surface is represented as the six faces of a cube, laid out in a cruciform shape. There are no "table edges", as it is possible to move from any face of the asteroid to any adjacent face.

Players will each take charge of one of the four squads of the assault force. Members of the society will control the asteroid's crew. If you would like to take part, please speak to any member of the society.

Suppliers of equipment used in the game :
Figures : Mainly Ground Zero Games and Ral Partha, with a couple of very old Minifigs !
Terrain & Buildings : Club members
Figure Painting : Club members

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