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Suicide Gods

1/1200th WW2 Participation

'Suicide Gods' is a 1/1200th naval participation game set in the pacific in the late stages of WWII. The participants take the role of Japanese pilots aiming to destroy two US vessels, the battleship Missouri and the carrier Enterprise as they lay at anchor. Club members take on the defence of the two vessels.

The models are Revell plastic kits built and painted by Steve Tucker. All photos were taken at a pre-show practice game.

Target 1 - the USS Enterprise

Target 2 - the USS Missouri.

Close-up of the Missouri

The calm before the storm.

Overall view of the game with the US ships anchored between two islands.

The Enterprise under attack as a major dogfight takes place.

The Missouri under attack.

The Enterprise beneath a cluster of US and Japanese aircraft.

Japanese aircraft. The models are various ones that came with Revell plastic kits

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