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Drive to Dunkirk

20mm WW2 Demonstration

Drive to Dunkirk took the basic scenario we used in Berlin or Bust and applied it to the French campaign in 1940. This time, the players took on the roles of German commanders as they attempted to make it from one end of the table to the other in a 1-hour game. The German forces were selected slightly randomly, with a set of unit cards being made up and the Germans selected from those so that each game was different.

The game only ever saw service as a stop-gap at Salute '92 because Beds of Jonquils wasn't ready in time !


Terrain was a green-cloth with scattered flock. Buildings are model railway buildings by Kibri, Faller et al from the collections of Tony Francis and Phil Richards. All models painted by Tony and are a mish-mash of plastic kits (Airfix, Matchbox, Fujimi, Nitto, Esci and probably others), resin (Cromwell, Milicast, Al.By) and metal models (Skytrex, Gramodels, Ravensthorpe). Figures are mainly FAA with some Dixons and a few others.

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