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Dust-up in the Desert

10mm WW2 Participation


Terrain was simply sand glued over sheets of chipboard and painted an appropriate colour by Tony Francis, Phil Richards and Steve Oram. The buildings were made by Phil and subsequently became part of the Brigade Models range and are now available from Stronghold Miniatures. The mosque was appropriated by Duncan McFarlane so that he could photograph it for Wargames Illustrated but it never appeared so we'd like it back please, Duncan ! All vehicles and figures are from the Skytrex 10mm (1/200th) range and were painted by Tony.

British forces (mostly washed out by the flash) advance towards the town.

A German column arrives in the town. Bob Medcraft provides the smiling face of MWS.

Phil Richards, Bob Medcraft and the back of Steve Oram oversee a group of remarkably happy gamers at SELWG 94.

The main objective of the attacking British forces - the town.

The town with a sea of brewed up tanks in front of it.

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