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Day Return to the Malvinas

1/600th Air / Naval Participation

Nominated for best participation game SELWG 2006

The participants play the role of Harrier pilots flying Combat Air Patrol missions during the Argentine air raids on the British task force anchored in the bay around San Carlos. They have a limited time over the area (1 hour) and must contend with seemingly non-stop waves of attacking aircraft and a limited ammunition supply ...

The rules are Wessex Games' AirWar C.21 with the Falklands 1982 supplement. Aircraft are from Tumbling Dice's excellent 1/600th range, painted by Tony Francis, the ships are by Airfix, assembled and painted by Steve Tucker. The sea cloth (seen in the bottom photo) is from Monday Knight Productions

SELWG 2006

One of the shows that the game went to this year was SELWG, and remarkably the game was well received enough to get nominated for the Best Participation Game prize. It didn't win, but the small prize money we received merely for being nominated was sufficient to cover the entire costs of the models in the game ! So thanks are due to to the SELWG club, it's nice to receive some appreciation for the work that goes into a demo' game

Andy King, who was one of the team running the game, wrote the following report:

Mark, Steve, Trevor and Andy went up to SELWG to put on this year's Club Game “Day return to the Malvinas”, defying wind rain and partners. Oh, and Dave turned up as well. Here’s a brief summary of the games during the day.

Game 1

The Fleet Air Arm’s performance during the first raid of the day is not one to go down in the annals of the service. Sea Harrier 3 flown by Jason failed a VIFF manoeuvre and plummeted into the waters of San Carlos Bay. No Argentine planes were lost to Fleet Air Arm fire, but three were downed by Royal Navy surface fire, with no damage taken by the ships.

The CAP pilots were Martin, Bob, Jason and Bruce (?) who all scored 0 VP.

Game 2

The second raid was more eventful for all parties concerned. The Argentine forces lost 1 MBB399A, two A4Q Skyhawks and a Dagger. On the negative side, for the Royal Navy, HMS Antrim was struck suffering two damage points.

Honours for the second game were as follows, Kevin 0, Matthew 2 (one plane forced to abort), Mark 4 (Two kills, one before the target could release its bombs and one afterwards) and Alex 4 (one plane forced to abort and two shot down after their bombing runs).

Game 3

The third raid proved more effective for the Argentines, with 4 damage points being inflicted on HMS Fearless and 5 on HMS Minerva for 3 planes lost.

The CAP pilots received the following VPs, Andy/Mark 0, Charlie 3 (One A4Q forced to abort and one MBB399A shot down), Joseph 4 (one Dagger and one A4Q shot down) and Steve 2 (one Dagger forced to abort its run).

Game 4

This raid proved to be the most costly of the day for the Royal Navy. HMS Minerva took a further 4 points of damage leaving her perilously close to sinking. HMS Antrim and HMS Penelope were both hit twice suffering 4 and 5 damage points respectively.

The Fleet Air Arm’s honours were less impressive this time, Chris and Robert receiving 2 points each for forcing a plane to abort, and David receiving 1 point for shooting down an MBB399A after it had released its bombs.

Game 5

The last raid of the day came as the show was winding down. HMS Fearless suffered 2 further damage points, but managed to shoot down a Dagger before it could complete its attack. The CAP accounted for one MBB399A shot down after it had attacked and one A4Q Skyhawk forced to abort its run.

VPs awarded in the final game were Dave 2 (for the A4Q forced to abort) and Peter 1 (for the MBB399A shot down). Jacob and Dominic failed to score.


Game 2’s CAP of Kevin, Matthew , Mark and Alex were the best team of the day, sharing 10 VPs, narrowly beating game 3’s CAP of Andy/Mark, Charlie, Joseph and Steve on 9 VP.

The individual Aces of the day were Mark, Alex and Joseph, on 4 VP each.

The day’s Turkey must be Jason, as the only player to crash his plane.

The Captain of HMS Active must be feeling somewhat lucky, as his ship suffered no damage at all during the day!

At the end of the day we were pleased, and may be slightly surprised, to hear that the game had received one of three nominations for the Best Participation Game at the show. We were not the eventual winner, but did receive a nomination certificate and prize.

GameArgentine Planes Shot DownArgentine Planes Forced to AbortFAA
RN Damage Taken
1 Sea Harrier lost

NameDamage PointsGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Total
L10H.M.S. Fearless25004026
D18H.M.S. Antrim14020406
F45H.M.S. Minerva10005409
F127H.M.S. Penelope10000505
F171H.M.S. Active10000000
800 NAS
Sea Harriers lost


HMS Fearless and attendant landing craft with two Sea Harriers flying CAP.

Harrier chasing Skyhawk. The yellow dice indicates a Sidewinder missile.

A Harrier chooses between two Skyhawks as targets.

A CAP fires a missile at a Skyhawk but not until after it had dropped its payload (which missed).

HMS Fearless and HMS Antrim protect the landing craft.

It was all worth the effort.

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