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Those Magnificent Men In Their Floating Machines

28mm Participation

It is November 1910. The French have long since kept a secret solely to themselves - a fine and rare wine they ferment for the winter months called Beaujolais Nouveau. But the London restaurants will pay good money for this wine!

If you can get some across the Channel, even better if you can get it across without paying any import duty (smuggling is such an ugly word), then there are very good profits to be made.

And what better way of enjoying a quick jaunt over to our Gallic cousins than in one's balloon?

There are only two problems though. Firstly, it seems as if you are not the only one with such a chipper idea - looks like a bunch of other scoundrels are on to this wizard wheeze. Secondly, it seems as if some oik has informed the Police, because they've got their own customs and excise balloon intent on stopping you!

What a bore!

So take to the skies with a hamper full of the finest wine available. But be careful, there are other balloonists out there, willing and eager to beat you to the prize. Just make sure the Police don't get to you first...

We will be running the game every hour or so, with up to six participants in each game; if you would like to join in the next game, please speak to a member of the Society.

The figures are from various manufactures; the balloons were scratch-built, and everything painted, by Stephen Tucker who also came up with the initial concept and the rules. So in fact you can blame the whole thing on Stephen. Apart from the sea which was painted by Marcus Wheeler.

Development photos

First Playtest

The Game in Action

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