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The Beds of Jonquils

The Roman Seige of Masada, AD73

25mm Ancient Demonstration

Best Scenery at SELWG '92
Best Demonstration Game at Tunbridge Wells '92
Best Demonstration Game at Invicta '93
Best Demonstration Game at Salute '93
Best British Demonstration Game at Stand-To '93


Terrain entirely scratch-built by Phil Richards. It was build on a series of mini-trestles that raised the main surface of the boards about a foot above the table top. The cliff-side was made from expanding foam (the insulating sort that comes in spray cans) and is bolted to the side of the table by a wooden framework. The buildings were made by Phil from foam-card with sand and filler plastering by Tony Francis. Each roof was tiled with thousands of individual card tiles by Tony and Trevor Pearless. The seige tower was scratch-built by Phil from balsa with hand-cast white metal wheels to give it some stability.

Figures are mainly RAFM, all painted by Phil, with each figure having its name in letraset on the base (Phil didn't get out much then !).

The rules were a single A4 page written very quickly at the first playtest by Phil, Trevor and Tony when we realised that a normal full set of rules would be too unwieldy at a show.

  Masada Rules (jpeg file)

  Certificate from Invicta '93

An overview of the carnage taking place. The Roman attackers are swarming through the breach created by the siege tower, right. Bob Medcraft attempts to formulate a defence plan.

A figure's eye view of the action. Jane Medcraft and Tony Francis oversee the Roman assault on the hill-top city of Masada.

The scratch-built seige tower, which was physically bolted to the cliff-side for each game !

Fighting around the breach

A gallery in Herod's palace

Carnage on the walls !

Jewish defenders head for the breach to shore up the barricades.

A view down the length of the table across the palace.

The Jewish defences thin out.

Someone admires the game clutching their day's shopping

Bird's eye view of the fighting. The names on the bases of each character are clear here.

That bird flies over the breach.

Time to worry ... Trevor is watching you ...

General view from the tower.

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