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Flight of the Lord Nelson

1/1200th Victorian SF Participation

Aeronef, published by Wessex Games, is a set of Victorian SF aerial combat rules, inspired by the works of authors such as Frank Stockton, George Griffith, H. G. Wells, and Michael Moorcock.

The alternative history outlined in Aeronef describes the Great War of 1889 to 1891 when the combined might of the French and German Empires took on Perfidious Albion.

Our game is based around a little known action from this war, when the British battleship Lord Nelson, damaged in an earlier combat, made a desperate dash across the channel to the safety of HM Dockyards, escorted by a pair of gunboats. Due to the superior performance of their intelligence services, the continental allies were able to despatch a joint patrol to intercept the Lord Nelson. The outcome is in your hands..

Each player will control a small group comprising either French or German vessels. Members of the Society will control the British Forces.

Each game will last around an hour, leaving you plenty of time to see other games and trade stands. If you would like to take part, please speak to any member of the society.

Trevor and Dave guiding a participant through the game at Bifrost 2001

Andy attempts to teach Dave how to use the world's simplest set of rules ! Trevor just looks blank ...

A closeup of the action.

The game made it to the front page of issue 37 of the SFSFW's journal Ragnarok.


Aeronef craft are all by Brigade Models, painted by Phil Richards (British) and Tony Francis (French and German) who also happened to be the models' designers as well as club members.
Aeronef rules are by Wessex Games, also available from Brigade.
Terrain (ie clouds) made by Phil from kapok

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