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Nuke The Site From Orbit ...

... it's the only way to be sure

15mm Science Fiction Demonstration

From: CIC Mandela IV Expeditionary Force.

All units ! All units!

Ground situation untenable. Fleet have been ordered to sterilise incursion site from orbit with strategic nuclear weapons in one hour. All units to withdraw to primary extraction site immediately for uplift. You have one hour. Repeat one hour.

+++++End Message+++++

The joint British and South African mission to contain the Cimmexian bug incursion on Mandela IV has failed. The only option left is to nuke the site from orbit. Can the ground pounders get back to their drop ships in time?

The rules, an amalgam of Dirtside and Stargrunt (with a few local modifications) and the infantry figures are from Ground Zero Games. The model vehicles are from the Brigade Models range. The scenario is set, loosely, in Wessex Games "Iron Cow" universe.

Models painted by Tony Francis. Terrain also by Tony, buildings by Phil Richards.

South African Rhino tanks crossing the river (pre-show shot)

SAC infantry and transport outside a bunker (pre-show shot)

A Rhino advances cautiously along the road accompanied by infantry (pre-show shot)

Surprise ! Bug walkers and infantry emerge from the brush (pre-show shot)

An Athena VTOL attempts to evacuate more troops from the airbase (pre-show shot)

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