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An Outpost Too Far ?

15mm Science Fiction Demonstration

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Sgt Archer of the 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment lowered his nightscope, no sign yet that the EuroFed militia holding the outpost, code name Trenchard, had detected his platoon during the night drop or approach march. Just a few sentries patrolling; one guard post and no AFVs around as far as he could see. At least that tied in with the intel brief for this joint Organisation of North European Sovereign States operation, British and German forces operating in perfect harmony!

The boss had said it was essential to take this godforsaken dump intact and hold it until the relief force arrived. Why, how should he know? Top brass rarely told non-coms “why”; just “what”, “how” and “when”. In a few hours the assault would go in, time to catch some sleep first. He offered a silent prayer that the Panzer Grenadiers would keep up their reputation and get here on time; before any Euri regulars decided to investigate the loss of contact with the garrison.

This is a Heinz 57 demonstration game, the rules, Stargrunt II, and the infantry figures are from Ground Zero Games, the vehicles are from the Brigade Models range. The scenario is set, loosely, in Wessex Games “Iron Cow” universe.

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Scenario and Special Rules

Phase I

ONESS (Attackers) : British Paras. Grade : Elite/Veteran (Ldr 1-2), Motivation : High, Inf. Sensors : Superior
2 Squads (6 Rifles, 1 SAW, 1 GMS/P) assault the base. 4 dummy counters. May move as concealed unit at half normal movement.

EuroFed (Defenders) : EuroFed Militia. Grade : Green/Regular (Ldr 2-3), Motivation : Low, Inf. Sensors / Guidance : Basic
4 Squads (6 Rifles, 1 SAW, 1 GMS/P) , including HQ squad, stood down / off duty. 1 Squad on guard. May occupy 1 static position, with a detached element on mobile patrol.
Guard squad and detached element may not fire until they make a successful observation attempt on a real attacker unit.
Then may then either open fire, or report the sighting.

If either side opens fire, then each off duty squad needs to pass a reaction test before it can be activated. Its first action must be to reorganise.

If the sighting is reported, a successful communications attempt is required to notify the next highest command level. i.e Detached Element - Guard Squad - Platoon HQ.

Once Platoon HQ is notified a successful communications attempt is required to notify the remaining off duty squads, these then need to pass a reaction test before they can be activated. A squad's first action must be to reorganise.

Phase II

ONESS (Defenders) : Survivors of Phase I

EuroFed (Attackers) EuroFed Regulars. Grade : Green / Regular / Veteran (Ldr 1-3), Motivation : Medium, Inf. Sensors : Enhanced
Group HQ : Tassigny HQ APC
VTOL Platoon : 2 VTOL
Tank Platoon : 2 MBT (1 x Monsabert, 1 x Monsabert CS)
Mech Platoon : 2 Squads (6 Rifles, 1 SAW, 1 GMS/P) : 8 Infantry, in 2 Tassigny APC (1 with autocannon turret, 1 with ATGW turret)
PA Squad : 6 troopers (3 Rifles, 1 SAW, 2 Rifles & MLP)

Any troops that were forced to retreat off table during Phase I must take a confidence test and improve their morale before they may re-enter the table.

VTOL platoon will be first to arrive, followed 2DAv turns later by the remainder.

Phase III

Survivors of Phase II

ONESS (Relieving Force) :
Recce Group
HQ : 1 Hyane A/C (Support version)
Recce Platoon : 2 Hyane A/C (Gun version)
Recce Platoon : 2 Baldur Lt Tank
PA Squad : 6 troopers (3 Rifles, 1 SAW, 2 Rifles & MLP)

Main force
HQ Element : 1 Lynx APC (Command), 1 Thor AA MBT
Mech Platoon : 4 Squads (6 Rifles, 1 SAW, 1 GMS/P) : 8 Infantry, 1 Lynx APC.
Tank Platoon : 4 Thor MBT


Figures and vehicles, buildings and terrain - Tony Francis
Spaceship and landing pad - Phil Richards
Handouts and data sheets - Andy King

Photos from Bifrost 2003

The game as set up - this was the first time we'd seen it fully assembled ! Dave Shillito attempts to figure out the workings of his camera.

From the other side of the table, with outpost Trenchard in the far left corner and the forces assembled in front.

Close-up of the French armoured group. Andy King produced some splendid colour data cards for each unit in the game.

German Panzergrenadiers of the relief force.

Phil's magnificient scratchbuilt starship. The two outer hulls are Red October submarine kits, the main spine is the carriage from a WW2 railway gun. The rest is scratchbuilt.

Inside the cockpit of the spaceship.

EuroFed militia on patrol.

British paras infiltrate through the jungle.

Militia search the surrounding terrain from the roof of their HQ building.

Close Assault - paras charge the militia in the watchtower and attempt to force them out.

French armour and PA advance to retake the outpost.

German Baldur light tanks.

French Montsabert MBT

French Tassigny command vehicle

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